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Published on 22 Feb 2024 / In People & Blogs

"Hey Stef, I watch your 'punish women video' Where you analyzed someone's dream. I had a dream last night and want to know your thoughts.

"The scene starts in a class, an Asian man was in the front teaching his students, he was wearing a blue suit with a long back, and a white dress shirt with a lapel, or bib sawn into the collar. He had a belt and black dress pants. And I made a mental note that he was impeccably dressed. The scene then changes. Me and the class(3-4 people)are sitting around a desk, discussing something.

"This is where the story goes a little foggy, I don't remember what we where talking about, but I made some philosophical arguments. Like an actual argument in my dream, which i could break down if I remembered what it was about. In that instance I felt confident in my words and logic, and thought my arguments where good. The scene then shifts, to me in class struggling with something, the teacher off the side not happy either. This part is also foggy as when I was dreaming this all made sense, and if I remembered I could explain the situation. Later on, the teacher, wearing the same outfit, but in red, was talking to another man. He laughed load as he talked the other man was in a standard black/bluish suit with a diagonally striped tie that wend white, black, red. not sure with was first the black or red. He was more tame, and stood there with his hands rested behind his back, looking over the class he didn’t seem to enjoy the conversation as much, but smiled nonetheless.

"The Next scene was me sleeping, I didn't open my eyes but as I woke up I could see around me. This is prob when I became lucid because I could remember the parts after in much more detail. But back to the sleeping. So I woke up, but my eyes where closed, and I noticed that I was resting on the back of the car. Not in the trunk, my shoulder was on the back window of the car and my feet extended past the trunk. I didn't know where i was, or how I got there, but thought it would be weird if the driver noticed that I'm on his back window. When he turned right, I jumped off of the car. I noticed that my feet where not cold walking on the snow, as I didn't have any shoes, I went back towards the opposite direction the car was going in to see if I could recognize the surrounding area. While I was walking I noticed some people at a house, and asked them for help. There was a group of about 2-3 men there and they seemed to know me. They asked me what I was doing there, seeming very confused, one asked why I wasn't wearing shoes. I told them 'I had no idea'. The next moment I noted 3 men opposite the road from us standing there ominously, and another set of men on the sidewalk in the left turn of the road. I could feel the danger and thought I was getting ambushed.

"The guys also noticed and said they had weapons stored in a van just up the road. we discreetly moved to the van hoping we didn't get attacked. They opened the van and each picked up a set of rifles, and guns. I went around the back of the car, and didn't take any guns, I was planning to hide in case of a gun fight. In anticipation of an attack, the guys where in the front left of the van on the sidewalk just waiting. In the distance I could see a police car, coming down the road. The car was a very expensive car with the police lights on top of it, Lambo maybe? The guys hid there guns as to not get caught, and I had hoped that the car would just pass us by. The car turned into the driveway in front of the van and I tried to distance myself from the other guys. I had a thought that I would be put in jail because I would be associated with them. Then because I didn't want to go to jail. I made myself wake up."

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