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Published on 22 May 2024 / In People & Blogs

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One chick saw me wearing my RED Trump Beanie, in one of my profiles, and called me a Trump Supporter, a member of the KKK, and said I had a small dick.

I thought, that is interesting, I just like red beanies, I don't support Trump (zionist jew criminal and B grade actor), I have a little bit of time for EVERYONE, especially if they are intelligent and have something to teach that is useful and interesting, including the KKK members, I will contact them if necessary... but on the whole, our paths rarely cross and I am not actually a formal or informal member of the KKK, and and I have never allowed her to fondle me, or be fucked by me, so she has no idea how big my dick is...

She not only knows nothing about me, she has never seen me in person and she has never had a conversation with me, and knows nothing about me....

But she is a mouthy dumb fuck bitch from Australia....

So I asked her, "So have you stretched your cunt and arsehole open so much, that when you fuck yourself with a beer bottle, it's a sloppy fit? And unless the guy your fucking has a foot long thick cock, you would not even know he's in you?"

"IF that is the case, then of course, every man you fuck, would have a tiny cock.... because you would not even be able to feel it".

She is a stupid, disrepectful, idiot.

Body counts?


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