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Growing your own food

Published on 17 Jun 2024 / In People & Blogs

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Congrats on the food and garden.


I wrote this about Disney Land's food prices going up by 200%:

Disney BLASTED For 200% INCREASE In Food Costs At Parks! Putting Families Into Debt Just To Visit



People ought to be focusing on ENTERTAINMENT, instead of BEING entertained.

You know....

Magnifying Glass and Microscope, and a walk through an pesticide drenched orchard and an organic orchard.....

Learn about 50 forms of life... leaves, flowers, grasses, insects, birds, little animals, sub surface creatures, lichens, moulds, tons of stuff.....

Helping out at a market garden for a week - and only get paid in a crate of fresh produce....

Go hire a nice basic fishing boat for a day, or go buy some kayaks and go down a relatively tame river...

There must be 1000 places to go and visit like steam train restoration places, aircraft repair and maintenance sites, museums of ALL descriptions...

There are national parks, mountain hiking trails, places to go fishing, indigenous life style places, building log cabins, etc. etc. etc.

It might be great to go to Disney Land....

But buying some decent enough bicycles and or hiring them... and going around a national park... for a few days...

Going on a working vacation to a farm......

Learning how to go black smithing...

Learning how to plough with horses..

Learning how to run different printing press's...

Go mowing all the lawns in the neighbourhood..

Working at a soup kitchen.

Making concrete..... and laying paths..

Servicing the cars and motorbikes....

Renovating the home... and doing necessary repairs and maintainance....

Killing, butchering and eating livestock....

Why just fucking Disney Land?

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jim bennett
jim bennett 1 month ago

My dad would find a garden plot in illinois,, rototill the ground to create a turned up top layer,, then with a shovel create rows of mounds and furrows,, then you plant the seeds in the mounds..

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jim bennett
jim bennett 1 month ago

of course we all know animals were used to plow fields..i think that did the whole thing.. turn up the surface and create mounds and furrows..

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jim bennett
jim bennett 1 month ago

Farmer Eugene.. ;)

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