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Grim Reads: Douglas Murray, The Madness Of Crowds - "Women"

Grim Lord's Games & Rants
Published on 01 Apr 2021 / In Science & Technology

Game: Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

This is a very serious video. Dr. Christopher Ryan (Author of Sex At Dawn and Civilized To Death) not only recommended this book, but he read some excerpts from the "Women" section. I on the other hand, read and made commentary on the whole section live and perhaps you caught it. If not, maybe you should join our discord server, where you can listen to our shows live as we're recording them. The link will be found in the comments section. I hope you find this material as interesting as I did. It helps to know what led to this harsh change in both women and the laws that we face as men.

I also discuss the Lil Nas X shoes situation and some other small topics shortly after the read.

You can pick up "The Madness Of Crowds" by Douglas Murray at all places where books are sold.

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icodeiexist 29 days ago

Thanks for sharing.

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