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Grim Rants Show (11/23/21) This Is The LAST Video We're Making On This Shit! Prostasia Gets The WALL!

Grim Lords Games And Rants
Published on 23 Nov 2021 / In News & Politics

Game: Mushroom Kingdom Fusion (Sorry, forgot to cut the Evil Within 2 Footage)

Just to clarify, here is my stance once again on child dolls as possible medical treatment for people with this mental illness:

I believe that an approved medical treatment like the child doll can be useful in lessening the threat of child abuse only if it has been tested in a clinical setting for several years or even a decade, if necessary. The treatment probably won't work with all of these mentally ill individuals and others will need to be tried, again; with years of research behind them. Any one of these people who even so much as attempts to assault a child should be eliminated immediately.

Prostasia gets the wall. The whole wall. There is no justifying the shit I have heard there. Dollhouse Phil and others in the doll community and industry are also against the things that Prostasia are promoting. We in the doll community do not condone the actions of Prostasia nor any of it's members. I consider such talk and behavior extremely dangerous to children. MAP suffices, because you will need a map to find the body parts of all these harmful individuals. Having known an abuser, I offer no sympathy for these kinds of people.

Secondly, I will talk about my thought experiment involving sexual relations with your adult sister or cousin. The Bible clearly declares this as a sin in Leviticus, even if the two parties are of the consensual age. However, the Bible and many others I have found with a quick search do not consider the act of marrying or sexual relations with a stepsister or stepcousin to be a sin. This is because there is no blood relation, which makes sense. It is still awkward, but not as awkward. The Grim Lord does not recommend you bang your sister or your cousin. Or anyone else in the family for that matter. Or your pets. Or anyone else's pets. Or zoo animals. Trust me, I have heard some shit, folks!

This is the last video we're doing on this. And finally, as much as I do not like lolicon and will not post it here, I don't find drawings to be harmful UNLESS they encourage the person to commit an act towards a human being. This also refers to adult hentai scenarios. If anything you have seen in a hentai causes you to want to abuse or take advantage of another person, you're scum who cannot tell the difference between fiction and the real world.

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Grim Lords Games And Rants

I also need to state very clearly that I am rethinking my stance on the child doll treatment possibility considering the fact that Prostasia was the dataset that proved they were looking for live targets to make dolls from. Originally, I thought it would have been nondescript or anime type dolls, but that is not the case and I cannot condone and will not in any way support a doll being made in the image of an actual youth. That is disgusting. I also blame myself for being naive about the whole ordeal. Sometimes I can admit to being very stupid.

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Grim Lords Games And Rants

For those who won't read the video info, my thoughts on all of these subjects are there in a far more clear and less sporadic manner. If you have already read the Epstein black book, you can skip ahead past that section. I hadn't read it myself yet.

Prostasia gets the fucking wall. That is clear now.

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