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Grim Articles Special: The Great Reset! This Might Be The Most Important Video I'll Ever Make!

Grim Lords Games And Rants
Published on 16 Sep 2021 / In News & Politics

Game: Polywhirl

First, you may want to turn down your volume. I am loud, I am angry and I go into some very explosive Rants. You can also listen to this as an MP3. I recommend it.

I start by reading a series of already in place Communist Goals that were drafted shortly after the cold war. Ignore the cold War era goals, there are some really important ones here.

The second article is from the Spectator. It was written shortly after the elites over at the WEF found cities during the lockdowns to be "peaceful." Yep, they want you and me dead, because there will be peace in a city. As with a graveyard, I imagine.

The third article is from Forbes. It was published in 2016 and details the WEF elite's plans for your future by 2030. You know, that "you'll own nothing and be happy" bullshit? They have been on this for decades.

The fourth article is from Vigilant Citizen. It discusses a video the WEF elite's made months ago about The Great Reset. They also mock conspiracy theorists after telling us they are going kill capitalism, install stakeholders to you know - run the whole world and make decisions for us. Then you may as well throw your brain in the garbage, because they want their algorithm to be your God, as it were.

The fifth article also from Vigilant Citizen kicks this into gear with the discussion of a video that the WEF elite's made a month ago. Sounding right out of GI Joe's Cobra, they have a space laser that will identify you with your heartbeat and probably can be used to stop your heart from beating altogether.

I don't trust them folks, neither should you. All the black pillers worried about pussy are focused on the wrong things. They're trying to kill and enslave you and you only care about your dick and the family you don't have. Klaus Schwab does not want you to have a family. He doesn't want men and women to get along. Neither does David Rockefeller or Ted Turner or the Rothschild family. Commoners shouldn't breed according to them, and that's the reason for feminism. Make women hate men, so that they do not raise strong families. These men want it all and they want it all now. You're in the way and you won't fight back. So guess who is going to plow right over you? Please continue to focus on the pussy you cannot get, Klaus Schwab loves it.

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sauger1001 8 months ago

Looks like the communists have "won" the West... temporarily. We're paying for our laziness before God returns to set things right. Unfortunately, I believe things will get worse before they get better.

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eldrazi317 8 months ago

Communism, progressiveness whatever one wants to call it is all about making government the god/idol.

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