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Grim Articles & Rants Show (8/27/21) Discussing Fresh & Fraud After Hours! (Dumpster Fire Due To Loud Music)

Grim Lords Games And Rants
Published on 27 Aug 2021 / In News & Politics

Game: Fearmonium

Note: Cropping Issues and Loud Music are here, this was made a while ago. Both will be fixed on future videos! Thanks to Keeper for acknowledging this. Music will roll back down to normal levels. I'm probably going to get shit from DP about the music being too loud.

This was recorded before the Fresh and Fraud debacle, so I apologize for getting it out so late. I thought it was only about a week ago, not two months ago! Damn, we're behind.

DP and I basically discuss a two month old episode which is now no longer relevant and there are some articles here as well. You may be more interested in those articles, especially considering Biden made possibly the single largest blunder in American history by leaving millions of Americans and 90 million dollars worth of equipment in Afghanistan. Then we have Nintendo causing a mess again by getting rid of adult waifu games on it's store. We have a solution for that. Also we have a game dev who apologized for his controversial statements made years ago, more on covid variants (it is not going away) and finally, the inescapable irony of Snopes founder plagiarizing many of his articles!

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