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Greek Mythology as an 80's Dark Fantasy Film AI ART DRIPPING WITH MASCULINITY OH YEAH


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Published on 25 Jan 2023 / In Film & Animation

AWESUM how computer AI ART shows what Real Masculine Men should look like not with Beefcake Muscles not skinny soy frail Low Testosterone trash. Heads up Music in the video sucks 🤮 just my opinion

Zeus+Hercules+Hades+David and Goliath+Poseidon and more Jack Masculine Men 💪 Oh Yeah Randy Oh Yeah

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Images were created by me using Midjourneys AI.

00:00 Zeus
00:06 Hercules vs Nemean Lion
00:12 Harpies
00:16 Minotaur
00:21 Aphrodite
00:26 Achilles
00:31 Helen
00:36 Trojan Horse
00:41 Odysseus
00:46 Syren
00:51 Poseidon
00:56 Jason and the Argonauts
01:01 Hydra
01:07 Hades
01:11 Zeus with Lightning
01:16 Typhon

More Pictures and Insights soon on: https://www.instagram.com/demonflyingfox

Music: Flouw - Chant of the Moors

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AwfulDIGGER 11 days ago  

Expand on this. What AI? What prompt(s)?

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Hey Check out youtube channel @demonflyingfox he can help you out more with the prompts used under his midjourney AI Art app

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AwfulDIGGER 10 days ago

@DIO DOOM NUTZ_TALICHADJESUS33: Thanks, no thanks. Dome with YT.

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@AwfulDIGGER: I hear you youtube is trash. I just watch it for some of the videos/ channels+people you can't find on MGTOW.TV and more. Enjoy MGTOW.tv and yes FUCK TRASHTUBE. AMR is building an alternative called "Wutube/Wootube" and gonna put the final nail in youtubes coffin, if so can't wait and hope he does.

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Longshanks 10 days ago

Yeah the midjourney stuff is next level jam

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I'm glad you agree bro. When I first saw it on Chronic channel I was like what this is not real and then I saw some videos on YT and unreal engine 5 and thought this can't be real AI ART is awesum until they make deepfakes to ruin lives as it's hard to tell the difference similarto the TV show prison break e.g Linc the Sink framed for killing the presidents brother but never pulled the trigger that sort of shite. Other than that midjourny is amazing to see what it comes up with and all "MALE" characters that it shows have Hard square jaws and steroid muscles None of this soy skinny jean faggott shite. Enjoy \G/

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