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Great Reset: Politicians Scramble To Disarm - FULL SHOW 6/14/22

The Alex Jones Show
The Alex Jones Show
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Published on 15 Jun 2022 / In Entertainment

Owen Shroyer guests hosts for Alex Jones and breaks down the latest maneuvers of the globalists' great reset agenda. Alex Jones calls into his show from the road to respond to the corporate sponsored lies force fed to the public from CNN. Roger Stone joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to refute the latest statements from the Biden administration about the United States' economic status and reminds listeners what the price of gas was under Donald Trump. Wayne Allyn Root hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show and details a recent conversation he had with his old friend Donald Trump.
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Toki 2 months ago

Stop congratulating your father/brother/whoever who joins the police/military. That's the only solution. Women need to withhold sex from these scumbags who decide to be goons for the mafia. But they won't because of that Gov income and soldiers are mega simps. That's why they join. That's why they want to visit other countries on the taxpayers expense to pay for their world vacation. Brothels, rape, trophy wives from 3rd would country. And always it all comes back to women's immediate self-gratification leading humanity to collapse.
Without the compliant low IQ mega simp soldiers the Gov suits have no power. However we need every country to do this.
Gov created the crime with welfare leading to the demand for police. Military wastes resources fighting over resources and making weaker nations into vassal labor prison states. I can't even fathom how many young Ukrainian women and girls are being nabbed up by the UN/NATO soldiers to be shipped to Epstein Island.
Men need to get over this pussy addiction it's not difficult. Why fight for a country that enslaves you? Doesn't matter which country they are all corrupt Govs. Why risk you life for your master who doesn't care if you live or die? While your American wife back home is absolutely cheating on you while you are overseas making that Gov income for her. She wants you the soldier to die so she can get the benefits. Police and military are the ones who are the most probable domestically violent vs their partners at home as well so the soldiers are a waste of space also.
Good men build and work. Police and military destroy, steal, and murder to appease their woman back home.

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