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Google & Youtube Just Had Another HUGE Leak! Targeting Kids, Home Addresses & Massive Chrome Exploit

Published on 04 Jun 2024 / In Entertainment

Google is having a very bad week

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Yeah when the internet was just getting going n Australia and 386's were being replaced by 486's and the internet companies were first starting up - there were quite a great deal of email services, and Google was the ONLY one that was actually cohesively competent - it WORKED and was not full of stupid and half baked shit....

AND although Googles was a global surveillance operation - they had competently written and functioning software.

And their motto, was do no evil.

However, they have gradually evolved into being as fucking openly corrupt as they come.

While I live in Australia, when Zionist D grade Actor Donald Trump, was playing along with the pantomine of the stolen election - in Australia the Google news was 50 stories of Orange Man Bad and one guy in Australia's dog got off the leash and barked in the park...

Fucking Day in and day out for a few years....

AND when the scam-demic was under way...... Google (cunts) were all chanting "Take the Vax, Take the Vax" and they buried all the stories about adverse events and deaths etc....

Google are as fucking corrupt as they come.

They are liars, cheats, thieves and global mass murderers.

Fuck them as in totally - Fuck Them.

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