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Germany's War Against Globalism.

Published on 03 Dec 2023 / In News & Politics

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 3 months ago  

Mustang, hurry up and swallow that jew cum already, i want your dislike.

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bigintol03 3 months ago

Damn brother, that was really good, thanks for posting!

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usr6874038614 3 months ago

Awesome explanation. No wonder the globalists are desperate to keep this out of people's minds.

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

There's much more darkness and occultism involved through Hitler. The way he is depicted in the Indiana Jones franchise, including the novels, is true: Hitler tried to consolidate "Religious artifacts" or weapons... including the Spear of Destiny and "Ark of the Covenant," but unlike as depicted in Insie's struggle, he never found it. I came across a "story" that a faithful archeologist asked God of Israel to let him see it. ThevHoly Spirit led him to a cavern under Mount Calvary, where Christ was crucified and died. In the cavern, he saw it as well as collected a sample-- dark liquid running down the wall, which did not dry. He took a sample thinking it was oil, but analysis revealed it was human of a male with no father paternal markers... Let that sink in. I hope to see the results, DNA , and perhaps the sample if it had not dried up or was used up... one day. Christ was real: God of Israel was real, and Moses' Exodus was real including the Parting of the Red Sea, Gulf of Quabala "branch." It is marked by two stone pillars are each side-- one still standing on Jerusalem and one fallen over on the Sinai. But remember,"There is no Evidence" thus saith the media and "academia."

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