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George Floyd is NOT dead (Reuploaded)

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Published on 08 Jun 2020 / In News & Politics

Spread the word!!!

Know the truth.

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BigBrianUK 6 months ago

This is just fucking disgraceful. A manipulative and devious title obviously dine as click bait. You can't succeed using honest means?

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BlueGangstar 9 months ago

Yea fuck this nigga.

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InfiniteMushroom 9 months ago

We've been lied to about so many things and for so long, why should we believe anything coming out of the Establishment (((MEDIA))) and the Federal Government? Hell, I was in high school when the very first fake flu hysteria was started in 1975. That was the Swine Flu gimmick and, because it was the first, it snared a lot of people into taking the Swine Flu shot.

Back then, when we read newspapers and watched the 6:00 news on TV, there were enough legit columnists who threw water on that fire and called it out as pure bullshit. Fortunately, my parents (RIP) heeded those columnists and nobody in my family got the Swine Flu shot.

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Redpilled42 1 year ago

is this shit real

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BigBrianUK 1 year ago

I want this FUCKING STUPID SHIT off my home screen!!!!

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