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Gender Pay Gap Debunked on the ABC FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER

Feminism Debunked
Feminism Debunked
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Published on 23 Jul 2022 / In People & Blogs


This is Feminism Debunked on ABC Radio debunking the Feminist myth of the Gender Pay Gap. After years of trying to get onto the Feminist ABC Radio. Is this the first time in history that the Gender Pay Gap has been debunked on the ABC. For an ABC Journalist to debunk the Gender Pay Gap would mean certain dismissal. The ABC continue to insist that women are not given equal pay in Australia despite all the data showing that they are. Below is a link to a playlist of the other times that Feminism Debunked has been on the Radio. But this is the ONLY ABC call EVER.

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Grin_Reaper 2 months ago

The myth has been debunked many times over. It hasn't stopped the feminist crybabies from complaining about it. What they want is equal pay for less work.

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There are so many people who would just like to punch the face in of anyone who works at or runs the ABC.
Defund it - burn it to the ground - sell it off for scrap - everyone wants to get rid of this communist lefty shit hole.

And women earning less money - on a like for like job. The award rate is say $25 per hour.
Women work less hours per week than men.
They take off more sick days.
The women basically never work over time.

AND in the work force.
They are less qualified.
They get qualified and then leave permanently to have kids - e.g. GP's.

Most of them are lazy, lying, gossiping, back stabbing cunts...

Even when they are in bed, on their back all day, whoring, they complain that it's hard work...

Fuck them - Don't allow them into the work force until they have had at least 3 children and the kids are ages 7 or older.

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