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Gamma frequency for hard work, learning and problem solving (Pomodoro technique)

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Published on 24 Sep 2022 / In People & Blogs

Activate your mind, improve your work and study, boost your concentration with this pure gamma frequency video!

This binaural beats is a real brain booster. It's made with gamma frequency, a frequency known for improving focus, learning and memory, problem solving and cognitive process making it your best ally you when you work or study.

Binaural beats is a term used to depict a sound that is played at a certain frequency on one side/ear and at another frequency on the other. When the difference between these two sounds is 30-50 Hz, it is called "Gamma Frenquency". This video plays 40 Hz, the ideal gamma frequency used by clinicians worldwide to improve memory and focus.

This 25 minutes video is created for the worldwide renowned Pomodoro technique, the best technique ever to allow you to reach deep concentration and ultra focused work. Pomodoro technique consists of 25 minutes of work, followed by a 5 minutes break. Every 4 Pomodoros, you should take a 15-30 minutes break.

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Access the true power of your mind, boost your concentration and achieve your goals with this groundbreaking technique : https://bit.ly/3om3s99

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