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Games & Rants (6/4/21) Asian Women Are STILL Not The Way! But Maybe Robot Waifus Are?

Grim Lord's Games & Rants
Published on 03 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

Game: Fearmonium

Tonight I will be talking about yet another instance in the manosphere where white, tall and intelligent (you may not think so, but I have an average IQ of 120) men like myself are being encouraged to find waifus in southeast Asia. I cannot count how many videos I made about this damn topic and now everyone else is jumping on the boat several months later. I think I'm gonna have to hide the location of my crystal ball.

However, China's DS Doll (EX Robotics) is doing some fun things with Yolanda (rolls eyes) one of their new robo-waifu Disney animatronic things. So maybe that will be a more preferred method. You know, unless you want kids running around and I personally don't.

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Crazy Loop
Crazy Loop 2 months ago

Interesting video and subject of discussion, but a 30m robot? What's in there, a mini deathstar built into an arc reactor and wrapped in seven tons of graphene? Lmao. And I am not certain why people think they can get a wife overseas. Female nature is universal and they appear to run off instinct far more commonly because of being a more emotional focused element. The only difference is culture, and societal views and values. Appearing to be a more herd centric element, they're always trying to see loopholes or what viewed as acceptable. For example if one sees a girl getting paid immensely for a gimmick like gaming, others are certain to "but I'm missing ouuuuutttt!" and will eventually do it too. If they're in a social group of girls, and most are promiscuous, then only a hardcore tomboy somehow magically stuck in that environment is going to not always be constantly thinking about it. So effectively speaking, without restrictions, unearned abilities or power, and being biased towards positively, this means they'll do whatever only because they can't be punished for it. It isn't a demon thing like some may say, or a super programmed into bias warping them, that's just how they're hardwired. It must be accepted, but those types of people shouldn't be enraged about it. Instead their energy and focus should be on observational skills, developing themselves for them, and obtaining their own happiness and wealth. Also by this point, I think we're left with the rough. If a good tamed one does exist, the majority are already taken, mindlessly married, and now they're a stereotypical housewife. But that doesn't mean loyalty, it merely means they were actually intelligent, or were raised to be a wife. At any point after the children spawned are 18, the wife could turn at any moment as they are created to get the best they can achieve for the purposes of spawn, however the fault being that it doesn't switch off after that process. Instead, it now becomes a them thing. Then some people try justifying these natural errors by saying "too young", or "they need at least one time to go" or the even dumber "needs a phase!" Sinistry, when that's entirely inaccurate.

If they're a person that can be content, then the above doesn't really matter for their built different as the joke is. There's burgerflippers that get paid just enough to live, but act and feel like they've won the whole Galaxy. They don't have to keep going only because their developmental peak requirements, ambitions, and life goals are entirely different to other people. Technically reproductive activity is purely for that. But due to both sides' drives and the allure of bodily senses and chemical rushes, the fault there being that a human being can do it "just for fun" for the feeling despite it not being the point. With the machine, all their holes, even if granted an artificial womb, is designed purely for "fun" and endurance to match it. As for the robotics debate, it is expensive but it isn't that bad. Ignoring large human workforces, new materials, and trying to stick the best prototypical assets into one, it'd probably be more likely lesser. And if we get weak plastic involved and stuff it into a printer for cost effectiveness, that's nearly a single million. 30m is more like the cost to develop one I believe, and over the course of many years. There's indies that have developed EX type mechanized dolls that can at least pose their entire legs in like 2017 for barely hitting even 80,000 usd, not getting into all the various public source robotics like the inmoov, the Hector, Dara, and Sylvie, which the costs for those are purely electronic engineering. We have come to the point that if a man has enough kg of what structural filament they want, and tpe, they can print a soft mannequin out and then attach the skin.

Some people take the thick silicone or tpe forms and hollow it out for the insertion of the endoskeleton. And while they look suspicious, abyss creations/realdoll has also tried to say they want to make a mechanized doll that is more like 60,000, the lowest one can possibly go for now since it is using higher end electronics and is a new thing. Most units utilize types of alloys or metals for structural integrity, which requires higher pricing and is increasingly difficult to ship over to a factory. One of the reasons why China can get away with spamming these things is their factories for dolls are straight up in an economic and resource center. If the unit in military perspective is over 2 million and isn't treated like a uav or a VR controlled suit, this means they paid an army of dudes to stuff one unit with like fifty learning algorithms, a neural network, reinforcement learning, and topped it off by making it an AGI for some reason. The latter not even necessary to make a competent soldier. Now the thing here is, it's a company job to get AI working. I doubt a indie can go beyond a overly sophisticated narrow AI by doing what I described above. Just a good mimic.

Indies can make the body, and several have figured out legs. The difficulty is only in stabilization due to space constraints, holding up it's weight, buying lidar, stepper motors, other electronics. Though alot of this can be cheapened by replacing standard actuators with already printable and stronger artificial muscles. One indie that's done that, with a channel called automaton robotics, is trying to make a cheaper robot that's water pumped, using artificial muscle, and attempting to make a superior arm for amputees. With say, a doll with what equates to a narrow AI with a chatbot the level of kajiwoto or something, and can walk without heel feet or a fat frying pan, that doesn't even hit 90,000 in a standard environment. And if open sourced, its only cost is how much you can blow off on buying electronics and printing the entire body. The thing is, we don't need a company to make some super tech juggernaut, but the more advanced Japan, and second placer of China tries anyway and can be an option in the future. America for example, is actually behind both of them and keeping up by copying existing technologies very slowly. Unlike them, America has a higher focus on the military and has a kink for policing the universe itself. Out of everyone that'd take an S-doll and militarize it, it'd be them and those on alert but with a robotics focus. They're the only ones that ignore everything to make a super death bot, while others have it as a secondary if at all. And the ones that can't even make robots, has to import them, or doesn't like robotics, are the only ones trying to ban them.

That, and animal robots like snakes and observation birds are more of a focus. Finally, the last type of robot that isn't a predator drone utilized militarily, are tracked uavs. Things between 300 - 5,000 USD which usually gets used to roll over a IED, or can have a gun attached to the side of it and used as bait. Currently, there's also experiments for vehicles since 2018 at least, but they're only so expensive due to optics, programming costs, and the fact they're attached to a vehicle with an already high pricetag. The thing is also, the ordinary joe has access to the body, but it's the AI people want. They don't see the body is already done but all the accessories merely must be merged together. Animatronics, they already have most of the speed and expressions completed. Chatbots, can already defeat the Turing test repeatedly because it only requires people to continually add dialogue, try implementing thresholds and recurrence inhibitors to lessen repetitive responses, add noises and sounds as throw away stall lines or during long periods of conversational inactivity, and if it gets there or you have enough dialogue to use a guideline proxy then you could lessen speech bias so it could eventually train itself to speak coherently. They can already walk at human paces, like hrp-4c miim. Etc.

The only problem is nobody is merging the tech together and for economic reasons they want to create their own versions of the technology to implement. Unlike say what China can do, where if one company does one new technique and it gets recognized, then eventually all the others implement that existing one to their designs at some point. The only thing humanity hasn't yet created as far as to my knowledge, is the intellectual aspect. A higher form of AI than a narrow AI. We deal with drones now, but people want an AGI, which can do more extreme things like America with it's only real Monopoly: the ability to backflip. Even the Russians have sent one off to space, and the same one could drive a car, and all of that was after it was turned into an automated platform than an avatar suit. Whereas some of us are fine with a drone that can walk, bump into the wall like a Roomba, talk competently enough, and if we spend enough time on it then can have it do random tasks probably more of bedroom activity than not, it's merely too diversified. There's the desperate that doesn't just want a human mimic, they want the machine to literally be or over the level of the smartest human being on the planet. There's some that want a jester they can plow out.

There's some that wants it to do chores and poses for photography but nothing much more. Some want mechanized dolls as a presence, some want them just to flaunt around even if it was hated, and others are more minimalist whereupon if it ends up suffering brain damage that's irreparable and "dies" then they'll just treat it like a normal doll. There's people that want taller or shorter girls, a taller waifu is superior in the design aspect, but with what some people demand it wouldn't be possible to do effectively for several decades. Not unless they were a millionaire and paid people to suffer to design better parts to then be used in one. Some people for example, want a humanoid that looks like a woman, but is stronger than a Olympic lifter with a side gig of powerlifting and being a strongman, has the best optical and sensory equipment, an AGI, and it can do a prolonged sprint of 64KM/H without suddenly exploding from overheating. While technology for dolls is inevitable, and timeframe depends purely on country and the money available, those that aren't minimalistic, open, or just compromising, will not be satisfied until like 2070 - 2090 but at the same time aren't interested in better aims to prolong lifespan and building their finances up.

Therefore, even if the impossible free willed juggernaut of an ASI (for some reason people now attribute it's chaotic traits to an AGI, and even a hyper sophisticated AGI can be viewed as a drone due to lack of free will.) comes in like the next year in a super realistic human body, or by 2090, they'd not even be able to do much beyond just stare at it from across the ocean. Though I do also agree that this technology will probably be militarized and have a far higher pricetag, but it can also help develop the body even further. But AI and the existing prototypes and straight designs are cheaper and a civilian ordeal. Though most, like a hardwired sensory apparatus that mimic figuring out temperatures and feeling pain rather than just vibrations, is purely used for now with amputee technologies. Right now is bionics, trying to utilize an arm that gets signalled by the brain but can also still function normally via moving the nerve tissue around the stump or wrist region. Things like above knee are still borked, however people with enough money can now just buy those exosuit-like legs that lets them stand, walk slowly, and sit down. Those, due to resources and their shipping, advertising, people to pay for working, actually are entirely new technologies, general complexity, and compact engineering means their minimal price tag is 100,000usd and higher.

Also unlike believed, the levels of AI are purely intelligence. These can also add things like the existing design branch trying to figure out how to, or if incapable, how to mimic contextual intelligence. Sentience, the means of mimicking, recognizing, conveying, feeling, and expressing emotion, is entirely separate and is more so a body thing for implementation, mixed with programming. IE, there's several ways of detecting, analyzing, and then responding to a human's emotion by an AI. But one of the current mains is the pretty iffy system known as facial recognition. Finally, I believe the pricing of the machine, both open source and official company brands, will be AI. With the latter over inflating AI aspects for as long as the profit monopoly isn't unbroken due to being new. For example, Moulds, TPE filaments, and some more durable and heat resistant filaments for a skeleton I've found for between 25 - 60 dollars per roll, and PLA can just be used to make moulds from the printer directly to lessen cost more. These however, are already an option for a brand. Thus, you're still paying purely for electrical engineering, the resources involved, and a hidden tax just to pay off a company. Open sourcing is mostly just about your printer's machine spirit not being appeased and buying or even shipping electrical parts. However, any system that exists and you can find, know, learn, or have the skills for you can implement. If one brand has this but not that, and you don't want to blow off on getting two future mechanical dolls, you may be forced to spend even more on a special commission for both body and that missing feature.

Though if a guy got AI and printed one, the only thing stopping him from mimicking "humanity in speech!" is their own funds. As I believe I mentioned before but uncertain, all AI, even an ASI if that's even possible to just mimic, is a chatbot. We have that ability right now. All it takes is adding dialogue, cycling multiple similar but different responses to the same questions, thresholds and recurrence limiters to try preventing repetitive use of dialogue, stall lines, throwaways, if in active conversation but interrupted or randomly paused then with a long enough wait time it could ask for continuation or makes a random sound, then finally you make random noises like clearing of the throat to filter it all out. For example if self interrupting, or trying to switch to a new piece of dialogue, than rather than an awkward pause or suddenly speaking that while already speaking, it could be given a delay and a throwaway like nevermind. Or that is replaced with a noise itself, or the option of either.

This could be finally topped off, by using it as a guideline or proxy to learn language. The machine could have speech bias lessened over time or even turned off, relying on reorganizing individual words, sounds, or entire sentences for form it's own responses. This will require assistance, as otherwise it'd take too long for it to learn and evolve to become coherent. Existing AIs for example, can already make themselves based on their own programming, can self repair which has existed for many years even in this country, and a neural network that can only mimic sounds, has actually been able to be used to sing. It's mostly incoherent, but learned a number of necessary functions of Musical structure, and by itself attempts different pitching, stretching, and emphasizing of specific sections of incoherent gibberish. It even learned some associated words from the data sourced to it, which purely by noise could perfectly mimic like an actual word.

I believe my potential discussion comment is done now. I do apologise for length but I did shorten it. This is just how I end up communicating, so it may be viewed as a form of stunting. Have a nice day regardless.

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