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Games & Rants (4/12/21) No, Don't Give Up On Society and Sacrifice Your Identity, YOU DUMMY!

Grim Lords Games And Rants
Published on 12 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

Game: Galaxy Angel

What was originally going to be a solo video (DP is still sick, unfortunately) on BLM hypocrisy morphed into a rebuttal to a video sent to me by a guy in my server. The video in question was created by a young black pilled incel by the "totally not an anime inspired name at all" of Asura Nocturne. He explained the black pill and what I found to be a overly defeatist mentality, although I did find myself agreeing with a few points. Of course, giving up on society and your identity is not fucking one of them.

Asura Nocturne's Video: ⁣https://youtu.be/tXn5SK0YBZA

Also, thanks to my YouTube audience for following me here. Yes, I have been making content here for quite a while now. Hopefully you'll stay tuned for more!

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