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Games & Rants (1/24/21) Politics, Predators, Prisons & Prejudice!

Grim Lord's Games & Rants
Published on 24 Jan 2021 / In People & Blogs

Game: Pizza Titan Ultra

This is definitely one of the best videos we've ever done. It's got everything! So if you're new to our content, this is definitely The Games & Rants Show at our very best.

Tonight we'll go over Joe Biden's day one executive orders, discuss how Q was a leftist larp, talk about Twitter's love for predatory material depicting minors and how disgusting that is, discuss the failure of the US prison system and some insane ideas that could improve it - and finally we will answer a question on racial prejudice from fan Johnny Cage. Feel free to ask us anything in the comments and either DP or myself will try to answer it as best as we can.

This will also go on Odyssee, so check us out there at Grim_Lords_Games_And_Rants. We hope to see you there too. We also plan on posting videos on Bitchute again as well.

By the way, only MGTOW.TV will have all my exclusive content like my rambles and gaming specials, so if you want to see those and are on Odyssee or Bitchute, check us out there for more fun. We also play eroge and adult games exclusively on Mgtow.tv.

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Johnny_Cage 29 days ago

GREAT point at around the 35:00 minute mark, Grim!!

We allow grown men to be raped in our prisons because the Boomer pieces of shit that run them WANT the prisoners to assault each other and STAY locked up!

I had a couple of long-time, multi-decade prison guards explain the 'hustle' behind exactly every detail of how American prisons are designed to maximize violence and keep inmates locked up for maximum profits [either prisoners working for the State gov't or a private prison corporation].

Also, because of the single-mother wastelands of ghettos and barrios, most of the prisoners are Black and Latino men in most places. In all prisons and jails, poor Blacks are over-represented due to the disgusting single mothers pushing their sons [and daughters] to sell drugs in order to bring in money and make mommy rich. I've seen this play out in the Tampa hoods when visiting my friends and cousins in the Tampa inner city, for YEARS.

Because the Blacks especially are over-represented, nobody really cares. It's always been like that, and it will be like that until the entity "AMERICA INC." is returned back to "America the Republic." Nobody cares for the brutal conditions of being assaulted, raped, stabbed, bludgeoned, and other things because it happens to men, and men of color especially. It's alright Grim, the negative karma and all the fucking injustice of locking innocent men up, and having them get raped and psychologically tortured, will come back onto America. America hasn't even seen 5% of the suffering, anguish, and chaos that this country deserves.

This is not even mentioning the chaos and damage we've done overseas with unjust and brutal wars like Vietnam [which we just let be conquered by the Communists in the end] and invading Panama, Nicaragua, bombing Christian Serbia who was fighting the nasty Bosnian Muslim jihadists, and the list goes on. America has brought death, famine, and poverty to many nations that used to be wealthy and prosperous: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Grenada, the Philippines, the sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and so many more strong-arm take-overs at the behest of Big Business, Big Agriculture, Big Sugar, Big Oil, Big Mining, etc.

This country is just starting to taste the pain of Karma. It's coming really soon though.

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