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Game Over! Pfizer Ceo Admits That ‘’We Know 2 Doses Of The Vaccine Offer Very Limited Protection, If

Published on 12 Jan 2022 / In Film & Animation

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Game Over! Pfizer Ceo Admits That ‘’We Know 2 Doses Of The Vaccine Offer Very Limited Protection, If Any’’.

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AtillaTheHung 3 days ago

Shoot that mother fucker between the eyes now! Glad I never bought into the coof hype and got jabbed. I knew this shit was all kinds of fucked up back in April of 2020.

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Perhaps, a million people stabbing him to death with bamboo skewers, would be a fair outcome. ------

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Mr_Sluggo 8 days ago

Not jabbed and that is how it's going to stay.

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FatAlbert 10 days ago

Why would you require vaccines that do not work?

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InfiniteMushroom 9 days ago

Efficacy is irrelevant. Trillions are riding on a political narrative that can NEVER be denounced by the parties involved. For starters, they are NOT VACCINES. They are dangerous experimental mRNA manipulation drugs and the evidence is abundantly clear that the real agenda is population reduction. (((TPTB))) don't care if good quality people die and the barbarians survive because their feral instincts tell them to refuse the jabs. Zionist Jews regard it as their god-given right to thin the herd and all Gentiles are equally worthless according to the Talmud and Torah.

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InfiniteMushroom 10 days ago

The confession was complete in all but naming the (((GUILTY))).
All that remains is to HANG THEM ALL. A "trial" would only be a formality as the tens of thousands of premature deaths, destruction of the economy, and mass brainwashing caused by this COVID hysteria is beyond any and all defense.

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Generationless 11 days ago

Short to the point. Golden. This needs to be spread far and wide.

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