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Fuck Youtube

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Published on 18 Sep 2022 / In Film & Animation


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Some one, somewhere else said this - and I quote:


Yeah but Bitchute is going the same path as Jewtube.
The entire bitchute platform is under the control of Zion just like USA is. ADL and the Tel Aviv Troll farms have direct control to this platform. They are manipulating the Views, Likes and Subscribers. You can call it ZIONCHUTE.
According to Bitchute Molyneux has 82500 Subs. But almost no comments on his platform. Nobody is supporting this Shill.The same with Steven the Shill Crowder and Dr. Steve Turdley.The entire Bichute Platform is operating the Same way as Twitter and Jewtube. EVERYTHING IS FAKED.

The most comments on this platform are coming from the Tel Aviv Troll Farms.75% of subscribers of Elon Musk on Twitter are Bots (Fake Subscribers). Bichute is also faking the numbers by even higher margin. Bichute, Twitter, Jewtube, FakeBook all designed to keep the people inside the Jew matrix.Likes and Views of the Zionist Channels are FAKED. Jews are 1% of the Population of USA.But every single big channel on Bitchute is pushing their Israel First Agenda.

They are 1% of the population but when you expose this Jewish White Genocide Agendatons of Zionist Trolls will dislike your comment. How is this possible? TEL AVIV TROLL FARMS.They are working 24/7 around the clock to push the Israel First Agenda and manipulate the Goyim.Everything is FAKED on this platform. Everything. Likes are FAKED. Views are FAKED. Subsribers are FAKED.These are the BENEFITS for the tribe when they control the media. They can MANIPUPULATE the Masses.

Deception, Manipulation, Lies have always been the Goals of the Jewish tribe.In order to achieve this they need the CONTROL over the MEDIA. And I can tell youEVERY INTERNET PLATFORM IS UNDER THE CONTROL OF ADL and ZION. Every single one. [show less]

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