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French-Canadian Women - MGTOW

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Published on 20 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Ron and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, I want to share my experiences as an exchange student visiting your Canada in 1989. “The last year of the “Crazy 80’s. Ever since I’ve swallow and digested the Red Pill a couple of years ago, I can’t help but look at everyday experiences thru a Red Pill Lens. The exchange experience was just for a month, but it taught me a lot. I’m from Southern Louisiana and during my junior year of High-School, I got an opportunity to be part of our schools foreign exchange program. At the time I was taking French and qualified for the trip. A lot of hot girls were in my class and me and my buddy, Mike, couldn’t wait to see how the females would act once out of the country. The French-Canadian teachers were super cool and accommodating...very friendly..etc. Upon arriving to my assigned families home, they welcomed me with open arms as well as a 6 pack of MOLSON beers. My assigned Canadian friend was named Martin, who was somewhat of a shy guy.. but had lots of females friends who considered him a "Cute " guy. Anyway we did lots of field trips throughout the day, but always ended up at one of the Canadian students home..playing card games..flirting and getting to know our student counter parts. The French-Canadian girls were very flirty with all us guys and the American Girls seemed to take notice very quickly. Even the ones that played us guys as SIMPS back in the U.S were incredibly interested once we arrived in Canada. I also noticed that several of the French-Canadian students spoke 2-4 languages...in which my dumb-ass and a few other of my American Classmates barely spoke French. Plus the French spoken in southern Louisiana (who's ancestors were from Nova Scotia), was considered broken French by the Canadians and sometimes they laughed at our accents..lol. Of course every guy in the American Class as well as The French-Canadian guys were scoping out the females to see who will hook up and Bang the girls on day one. The girls let us guys massage them with our fingers if you know what I mean and make-out when possible and hinted about the delivery of there PIECE-LEAVES (in my Coach Greg Adams voice)..at a later time..So you could imagine the HOOPS some guys were SHOOTING the get there "SHOT". I also remember the teachers, both American and Canadian..just letting us be teenagers, but also keeping us in check to prevent any major issues from happening. At the going away party on our last night in Canada, the teachers let us "Let OUR HAIR DOWN"..allowing us to drink beer a little Hard Liquor.. One of the funniest memories is when a girl from my class started Hysterically crying..almost hyperventilating ..when the party was over a Mid-night...She obviously didn't want to leave and let it be known to everyone around that she loved and will miss our new Canadian families..but just a hour or 2 earlier, she had her PIE-HOLE wrapped around my BURRITO... in the upstairs bath. SandMan, I really like the way you tell your audience from time-to-time to have as many experiences with interacting with females as possible. Not just for sex, but also to understand how they think. I applied my new knowledge to experiences I had during my time in the military interacting with foreign women I met overseas and other places. You could get pretty darn good at predicting what they’re next move will be and/or what’s about to come out of they’re mouth before you CUM in their. I will send you PART 2 of my exchange experience at a later date..discussing how it went when the French-Canadians turn to visit southern Louisiana.... take care my Brother..GOD Speed with your future endeavors Sir.!!" Well Ron thanks for your donation and topic. I'll get to it in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Ancient Purity:

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Mademyownway 30 days ago

I know that Ukraine beauty in the first photo ) I dated this girl from Quebec and WOW! Reminds be so much of Eastern European women. I cannot wait for the damn borders to open back up.

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