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Freedom of Speech

Howard Walton
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Published on 27 Jun 2020 / In News & Politics

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KEEPER 10 months ago

there's a reason why google bought out youtube.
they wanted to have a platform that they could control and call the shots on.
trust me, the lie they told that the advertisers wanted out on certain videos is bullshit.
example being, ppl pay google to show their ads on various websites, and many websites where these ads are found end up on all kinds of content.

but not youtube, because google owns the adsense tech and they knew that the majority of ppl in the world used youtube prior to purchasing it. so it would make sense especially if they wanted to control who's content is seen the most and change the results when they didn't get the desired effect or results.

so they made some changes, they wanted to make a lot of changes all at once, but they found it was easier to make these changes in a much slower manner because ppl might leave the platform, however they fucked themselves in the ass every time they demonetized someone or penalized anyone on the website for any reason which convinced other ppl to make alternative platforms.

and when trump won the election they were angry because it was something they could have prevented, so they got more strict with their policies same thing on facebook twitter and many other big tech platforms, to the point where it's outright censorship. then that's when they took out alex jones and shortly after that's when what's his name from VOX media got mad at stephen crowder and youtube was willing to throw crowder under the bus for hurt feelings of some left wing moron, and shortly after ppl started to flood in the gates of bitchute.

now bitchute is not that great of a platform to be honest. but it was all we had that was at least fare when it came down to popularity of content, but also during this time is when other alternative media's started springing up, bitchute right now might be compromised as they turned their comments section from independent into outsourcing to another website called "disquas" which is tied to big tech, and they started censoring ppl's comments.

now as far as i know, comment section is completely independent as we are not required to sign in through another website in order to make the comment section work.

now like most of these alternative platforms is not perfect and requires funding and ads in order to keep running to compete with other platforms as well to make future improvements, which means it's essential to support these alternatives and punish the other platforms who steal your data and punish you for your free speech. if i use youtube i block all the ads regardless who's content i'm watching even if it's someone i like. because the purpose is to punish google and preventing them from making money off of anyone, if the creator is not allowed to make any money, then youtube doesn't deserve it either. i cant tell you how many times i saw ads still playing on any video of a creator's channel who was always demonetized, that money never goes to the creator.

so who's to say youtube deserves it either? the answer to that question is the person who uses the adblocker.

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