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Free $2000 Bar of Silver Bullion? Or a Free Chocolate Bar? (Social Experiment)

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Published on 11 Oct 2021 / In Entertainment

YouTuber Mark Dice asks random people if they would rather have a free Hershey chocolate bar or a free 100 oz silver bar (worth over $2000) in an experiment. You have to see what happened next! 🚨 Subscribe to my channel for more. 🚨

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Mark Dice is an independent media analyst and bestselling author of "Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture.” He has a bachelor's degree in Communication from California State University and was the first conservative YouTuber to reach 1 million subscribers (in 2017).

He has been featured on Fox News, the History Channel, E! Entertainment, the Drudge Report, and news outlets around the world.

This video description and the pinned comment contains Amazon and/or other affiliate links, which means if you click them and purchase the product(s), Mark will receive a small commission.

Copyright © 2021 by Mark Dice. All Rights Reserved.

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Mustang 1 month ago

We are doomed!!!

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Leader_Desslok 3 months ago

I am absolutely certain that no one took the silver bar . Please try to remember that Mark Dice NEVER mentioned politics . Interesting that you guys ( girls ?) assumed that everyone that was in the video was a liberal. Also interesting is how you assumed that liberals are too stupid to take the silver bar. In your head long rush to virtue signal on MGTOW TV you have revealed that you are not what you seem ! ROFL !! Attacking Mark Dice for something that he didn't even say tells me that you two are probably liberal gate keeper spies !

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Generationless 3 months ago

How many people took the silver bar that they edited out? Or would've took the silver, because I doubt he'd of given it up.

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SOUKadath 3 months ago

I'm fairly certain Mark Dice aggressively edits these "person on the street" videos to present Liberals in the worst light possible.

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