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Former Obama adviser caught harassing Russian diplomats

Published on 23 Nov 2023 / In News & Politics

Serial street vendor botherer (and former Obama advisor) Stuart Seldowitz rarely met anyone on the street he didn’t hate, it seems. After footage of him racially abusing a street food worker went viral online, more people have stepped forward to say that they have had run-ins with Seldowitz. When not boasting about dead Palestinian children, it seems Seldowitz found the time to harass the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, his staff, and even his dog, for some reason. Dmitry Polyansky came forward to The Grayzone to say that, following the start of the conflict with Ukraine, Seldowitz went on a ‘personal’ harassment spree against his staff, and also his dog, ‘which is too much for me.’

In yet another video, Seldowitz can be heard abusing people outside Russia’s mission to the United Nations in New York City. At one point, he asks one of the female staffers ‘are you one of Putin’s prostitutes?’ Apparently, the US State Department was unwilling to step in, and Seldowitz’s identity was only established after seeing other videos online. ‘When it becomes personal and a person really harasses and stalks women, insulting them, telling them they are ‘whores’ and all these things, this is something that we couldn’t put up with,’ Polyanskiy told The Grayzone.

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