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Florida Passes Anti Riot Bill Granting Immunity To People Who Drive Through Rioters Amid BLM Riots

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Published on 17 Apr 2021 / In News & Politics

Florida Passes Anti Riot Bill Granting Immunity To People Who Drive Through Rioters Amid BLM Riots. The bill is expected to be signed into law by Florida Governor Ron Desantis next week.

Democrats and Leftist activists claim it will stifle free speech while conservatives are cheering on the legislation in hopes that it will finally put an end to the ongoing BLM riots and antifa riots


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SQUEAK077 5 months ago

If you ever watch jericho green on you tube the man is amazing. I am so sick of media one thing about Tim he is saving his own ass with his channel they are banning so many people now. I have 2 gmail accounts and one account i cannot even watch free movies and certain channels. I have a vpn and use another gmail account and walla... everything WORKS. These states in the south need to tell the fed govt to kiss their ass. The texas shooting was done in a liberal city. What is going on with the police/people in their vehicles i am questioning. This whole thing reminds me of the wag the dog media gaslighting. They are so sloppy in reporting and people are not awake same bs with covid. In my area now they are in control and increasing gas prices of .30 cents or more a gallon and 10 percent increase in utilities covid was just an excuse. Canada is now saving billions by have the border open having canadians stay in canada to spend their money.

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KEEPER 5 months ago

and the censorship is also running rampant even more so, my comments get deleted within minutes of posting them. and many videos they block grabber and prevent you from downloading, unless i'm using 4k downloader.

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gchase 5 months ago

Open season on rioters. No limit.
The swamp creatures won't learn any other way.

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GhostPlodderES 5 months ago

You're a fool. Go back to 2020 videos showing innocent white folks being MURDERED, shot a point blank range.
This is EXACTLY what needs to be done, citizen being able to protect their own lives.
The line was crossed when the election results were tarnished with fraud.
I've never seen anything in my life as crazy as trying to guilt shame white folks into allowing themselves to attacked and extorted mercilessly by people who hate them.
The worst of the bunch is the Black Female feminist racist victim demon hate-filled monster.

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