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First impressions Of Antigua In Guatemala & Why Latin America Might Not Be For Me


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Published on 11 Feb 2024 / In Travel & Events

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BasedHarveyEpstein 9 days ago

It's comedy gold, it's based. " ... its hilariours when he walks around a country and talks shit about the local people out loud." With subhuman mayans, scumbag currycels, fukranian ogrecels and dopey fukranian snowbunnies, oofy doofy american white men, ain't shit niggas, Muslim sharmutas, etc.

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Anticuck82 9 days ago

it isnt for me either , too bad i was born and am stuck here

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Laisho 9 days ago

Hey Amr, everytime I see a new video by Redonkulas Pop and I click it, I get the following error :"404, page not found
The page you were looking for doesn't exist.". Could you please check why this is happening?

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MigTaoBrony 9 days ago

How do I link to Amazon from my smartphone?
I can’t find a link via the site.

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sauger1001 9 days ago

7:30. Spirit has become the equivalent of "Stromboli Airlines", from the old '80s movie Stewardess School.

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