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Fight Woke Or Die Broke - MGTOW

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Published on 24 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous. He didn't give me a topic so what I wanted to do was make a summary video of what I want to say or have now hopefully said on a livestream that on August 1st with Terrence Popp, Blake, Aaron Clarey, TFM and Joker. There will be a link to that stream in the description. The topic of course is alternative platforms. Joker over at the Better Bachelor channel on YouTube has decided that he's going to be leaving YouTube permanently sometime over the next few months and going to Locals and Rumble because there's a plan by big tech corporations like Google, Facebook and Paypal where if you're deplatformed in one of those places then you are Alex Jonesed and erased from all of them. No more Gmail, google maps, paypal and Facebook page forever. So before that happens to him Joker is going to move to alt tech. That's what the chat is supposed to be about. What alternatives are worth it and what problems and successes we've had. I think it's important to get to the root cause of this instead of just running and hiding from the wokesters. But before I discuss more let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection: Anyways, now back to the diversification of manosphere content clown world show away. I respect Joker for deciding to burn the boats so to speak as he gets away from YouTube. He's scared the next thing they might take away at some point is our ability to bank or participate in soyciety. So losing a massive chunk of his income and diversifying into alt tech is the answer. Or is it? We keep fighting the woke mobs that keep taking over one part of society after another. The latest buzz has been environmental social governance. Environmental governance is a fancy way of saying we are going to raise your taxes on things like fossil fuels so you can't afford them anymore and lower your standard of life. That is of course you can afford to put up solar panels and drive an electric powered vehicle. Then we'll give you tax credits even though we don't care how dirty the mining was to get the lithium out of the ground to manufacture those so called green technologies. The social governance part is about making sure fall in line with the official corporate media narrative or we are going to limit your ability to communicate with others online and use services like banking, travel, social media and go out to restaurants and public places. Social governance is a fancy way of saying social credit system in the west. Each corporation will keep an eye on your behavior independently and then share what they learn from your thinking and purchasing habits with other corporations and screw you over. As content creators we can run to alt tech and build them up and try to get the network effect going and build up an audience and survive financially. But at some point alt tech will come under attack by the social justice social governance mob and possibly get shut down. So we're have to run away again. There's that old line from the film Star Trek First Contact where Picard says we have to draw the line here and no further. He says that the borg attack and they fall back and it happens over and over again.

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csehszlovakze 23 days ago

Don't even think about it. MGTOW won't become a new religion nor a cult, ever. We can't even agree if conservativism is better for us or liberalism, because we have different drives in life. Even then, there're guys here from all walks of life and that includes different religions, too. And you know what, that's a good thing. You wouldn't have all the "gods" of MGTOW if they chose to be sheeple instead of forging their own path. Sir Isaac Newton spent more time on biblical studies than on physics, doing what HE wanted and immortalizing himself for all eternity.

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This is about an "Australian Feminist Academic" - who is also almost identical to a LOSER person I know.....

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RogueEconomist 24 days ago

Our society will collapse unless women's right to vote is taken away.

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TheWealthy1 24 days ago

Lol...collapse it is then.

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Limitless1 25 days ago

I am MGTOW and I will stay MGTOW until the day I die.
And everybody out there who already knows about MGTOW will be fine ..
The problem is that the new , young boys will not be able to hear about MGTOW if these BIG GOV will ban MGTOW :'(

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MAcohen 25 days ago

videos like this remind me why I watch you daily. Excellent video, extremely important video for men to watch. stay safe out there guys.

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eldrazi317 25 days ago

China really doesn’t like crypto: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-58678907

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