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Fight At Gas Station Over Littering

Published on 20 Aug 2020 / In Film & Animation
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docboggle 2 months ago

You spit on someone, you deserve what you get, don't think your AARP cards gonna save your rude wrinkly ass.

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wildcat4mation 2 months ago

Gas lighting XD

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Bagoodman 2 months ago

Ya i know mind your biz let the dude litter .. But in that guy's world his wife works there there kid is watching ! He cant let his kid think he is a wuss the other dude is smackin his wife so he fucked up the old dude ... life's a bitch !

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you forgot to edit this kek

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

In the case of a bitch’es blue pilled simp being used as her two legged weapon, That’s why I also carry my razor sharp pointy edged pocket knife with me as a self defense close couriers weapon of choice.

Also isn’t that your pet dog barking, I also have an annoying pet cat that bugs me when I’m trying to record as well.

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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Alpha Male Lifestyle 2 months ago

blue pillers live in la la land i can't wait until bill gates kills them with his vaccine

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поклоняющийся богу варвар

hahahaha dude chill

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