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Feminists RAGE About Lonely Men & Tell Young Women To Freeze Their Eggs!

Published on 12 Aug 2022 / In Entertainment

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DutchCobbler 1 year ago

Women are fickle.
Women have more orbiters than ever.
Women are insulated.
Women have opted to sell their nudes or more on OF an, twitch, etc.
Women are divorcing men at record numbers.
Women have taken on more 'masculine' traits and are less feminine.
Women have unrealistically high standards until they're pre-menopausal, then they lower their standards to very high.
Women demand a lot and 'they are the table'.
Women are opting to be single mothers and bring that drama into new relationships.
Women have no social skills outside of social media, so no real social skills.
Women are easily triggered and 'micro-aggressions' like opening a door are a thing.
Women are highly promiscuous and non-committal.
Women are averse to dating below their standards based on over-inflated sense of self-worth.
Women don't consider walks in the park or coffee dating.
Women will consider casual sex a date.
Women being promiscuous has damages to social dynamic.
Women that live promiscuously, ink up, use drugs, have kids, turn most men off.
Women abuse the court system to falsely accuse men of DV or sex crimes.
Women want college educated men in a system that props women up and disadvantages men (ie: No Boys Allowed Day)
Women hashtag things like "killAllMen" "YesAllWomen" and "MeToo"
Women will drag a man for everything in public to the point that nothing is private.
Women use highly degrading statements against men.
Women are constantly complaining about masculinity.
Women have never been more protected, more entitled, and more unhappy.
Women demand six figures, six feet, and other exceedingly rare 'qualities' in men.
Women break up with men more than men with women.
Women ghost men more than men ghost women.
Women have become fatter, lazier, and less attractive overall.
Women determined the nature of dating by being the gatekeepers of sex and relationships.
Women hold all reproductive rights.

So let's blame men for this?

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FL_Steve 1 year ago

Dating apps are full of hoes. Most of them single moms. Why the fuck would any man bother with them?

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