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Feminists Find Out Who Owns Onlyfans & They Are Not Happy! LOL - MGTOW

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Published on 17 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Feminists Find Out

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from the Beer Flu the donation killer. If you've ever thought about donating to this channel now's the time. Even five dollars covers the cost of stock pictures for these videos. Anyways, I'll stop whining now and get on with today's topic about one woman on the Feminism Subreddit posting some very kind words about the owner of onlyfans. I put the original MGTOW post where I found this. Here's what some mysterious woman with her name blanked out has to say and I quote: "Using #OnlyFans makes its male owner rich - it's not "supporting sex workers". If you want to support people in the industry you give them your money without asking anything in return. You agitate for free services where they don't need to show IDs. Ideally you decriminalise them. This pimp and adult content producer and son of a banker who has been profiting off of other people in regular and BDSM adult content for years is being smart keeping his face largely out of the public so that we will argue about the women. But I want you to see his pimp face everytime you hear of #OnlyFans". Unquote. This woman is hilarious saying that he should let anyone post content on his website without having to give their IDs. She's no doubt trying to get him in trouble by letting underage women to post pictures. Sorry honeybuns the owner of OnlyFans is not that stupid. He's not going to break the law and risk losing his cash cow. She was probably on there but didn't like giving her id so she could sell herself and get paid. She also probably wanted to call him a a son of a bitch but that would be an insult to women. So instead she called him something she believed to be far worse. A son of a banker. Hence evil capitalist that needs to have have his property redistributed to the poor whamens and Chads that are being exploited on the site. Feminists are so dumb that you can sell them the six foot long dildo that they impale themselves on. What more of an example do you need that feminists are marxists then when ones like like this talk about profiting off of other people. They of course want that sweet sweet simp money and the platform to be free so they can sell their hienies. I'll get to more of my thots about this mystery woman trying to shame Leonid Radvinsky the majority owner of Onlyfans in just a moment but let me first
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Insulting him as a son of a banker? Isn't antisemitism a hate crime? :P

   2    0
MrA_H0Ie 5 months ago

A tech company owned by a man (smart). What a surprise...
Cunts pissed off by this (morons). What a surprise...

   2    1
Wolf_joseph 5 months ago

He cover his tracks well
Because if he didn't, some of these feminist commies would have doxed him by know.

   4    0
Alucard1776 5 months ago

They're never happy

   10    0
Councilof1 5 months ago

Are women even capable of experiencing of happiness? IMO they aren't.

   7    0
DutchCobbler 5 months ago

I think they can be happy for small periods of time. The real struggle seems to be satisfaction or contentment.

   5    0
MoonBase 5 months ago

@DutchCobbler: "The Void"

   2    0
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