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Feminist Utopia: Worse Than Hell | Popp Culture

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Published on 30 Jul 2020 / In Comedy

⁣This Throwback Thursday: What would it be like if feminists ruled the world? It's worse than you think.

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(You'll notice Obama was in office when extreme poverty began to rise.)

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Ambrose 1 month ago

This is the result of matriarchy, the rapist murdering cousin of patriarchy

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OgreMGTOW 1 year ago

If you are going to go to Jail for proving a woman lied about Paternity you may as well Kill her. If you have to go to jail for trying to prove you are innocent she may as well be dead. Hockey mask Time .

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IkemenKyoushi23 1 year ago

Sure, but killing her would be too easy. Kidnapping her and then training her to become your slave for the rest of her life is way better imo as women are fragile creature and all they care about is how they "feel" at any given moment.

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grbolivar 1 year ago

The UN already has 10 years pushing for the "No women in prison" with the Bankok Rules:


Their premise starts at a contradiction: "Treating women offenders in the same way as men will not achieve gender equality".

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Shadow Monk99
Shadow Monk99 1 year ago

Many women are going to end up dead and I mean...many which those bitches definitely deserve the backlash ... It’s gonna be such a blood bath. I’m predicting in a feminist society that a many Incels are going to at mediately catch wind of our writings on the wall about wahmen and once they do, The male powder keg will inevitably blow and that genie won’t go back inside.

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MadrigalTV 1 year ago

Soon, I hope.

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Johnny_Cage 1 year ago

I strongly agree with this. I've been saying this for several years now. Based on my direct observations of how men are being run over in this society, we might not even have a real chance to ever be a unified country again. So many men just hate all government in general that they have STRONG anarchist leanings, as well as Libertarian ones. People don't really have a grasp on how many men have been unfairly stripped of their rights and abilities to work or have a good reputation in general. When the social order slides off, we will see an explosion of angry men like the world has NEVER seen before. I'm completely sympathetic with them too. The United States, in practice, has failed to uphold the rights of all its citizens. Just like in the end of the Roman Republic (before the Empire reformed and took over), we have gouging private prisons, private tax collection/levying that extorts vast sums of money unfairly and ruthlessly, extremely violent prisoners that are ticking time bombs, and many other things that will completely undo our civilization and slide us into barbarism for decades after we collapse.

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Shadow Monk99
Shadow Monk99 1 year ago

In the case of those tyrannical alimony laws that force nice guys to finish last against their own will, It’s never been more important before to completely BlockIgnoreGhost and especially never give away your identity to her, So as a MGTOW...Always B.I.G. Women anonymously.

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