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Feminist Struggles With Being Single At 30 Years Old!

Published on 24 Mar 2023 / In Comedy
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AcquireZeal 2 months ago

It amazes me how so many people claim to have read the bible yet none of them noticed that it never gives women the right to initiate divorce. And that right goes back only a few centuries since Christianizing, but was a ubiquitous right under paganism. This is why I say the west is pagan (on a good day), it has reverted to pagan pussy worship. Christianity does not permit women to divorce even for cause! Because the woman is coming to a man with her hand out, seeking protection and to be provided for, she doesn't get to be choosy.

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sauger1001 2 months ago

After the REAL war (which hasn't yet happened) multiple women will beg one man if they can have his name (marry them). They'll "claim" to be able to make their own bread and clothing, but don't want the "shame" of not having his name (old maids). Hmm. Sounds like access to men will be at a premium, since there will be even FEWER of us during those days (Is. 4:1). Feminism will no longer exist. If she's a 300lb landwhale; she'll either learn to walk, or she'll learn to train cats to do tricks.

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