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Feminist Date Gone Wrong & Chivalry Is Dead (Thot Double Feature)

Published on 09 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

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Drums_McBashington 9 months ago

Don't save things 'til the second date, better to find out right off the hop.
Unless you've got money/time/life to waste.

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mrghoster 9 months ago

Women hijacked Chivalry. It has nothing to do with women in its origin's either? Chivalry was a state created for Knight's in the Crusades. a set of rules and behaviors that meant they gave elegance to the "CHURCH". It had fuck all to do with women and honor to women, it was honor and dedication to GOD and the CHURCH. The Chivalry these bitches talk about was a VICTORIAN invention really that had it's routes in Georgian Britain, you know the knight in shining armor gonna save the damsel in distress, because that is what women Masturbated over way back then, a fantasy?

Chivalry was also only relevant to the Horse soldier, it's where the word Cavalry comes from. this is the TRUTH about Chivalry guy's! Chivalry was dead long before even the TANK appeared in War. the Tank was the Cavalry replacement for the Horse. For women to say Chivalry is Dead is just DELUDED, it's one of their girly immature fantasies and nothing more? so remember guy's Chivalry was for Honor to GOD - A MAN who's image WE MEN are made in. women don't own it at all! lol!

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Bagoodman 9 months ago

Just look at her face ... She's a 250 pound Land Wale in waiting ! In 6 Months she will look like she Swallowed Another Woman ,

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CatFoodMillionaire 9 months ago

The only thing that fattie is a Queen of is Dairy Queen.

The other Ho is just mad Men are ruining her scam of exploiting lonely young Men.

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Menwalkaway 9 months ago

Never date a 4th wave feminist hate all men and boys Cult member.
Chivalry Is Dead, because women killed it.

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