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Feminism red pill in israel part 2

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Hizkiahu Tenenbaum ISRAEL
Published on 30 Nov 2021 / In Film & Animation


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profhugodegaris 8 months ago

you will still face a one chance in four of being divorce raped by her, in the hated fluffie feminist dominated divorce court system in the US, and many other countries. I suggest you become a masculist and not only answer back against the feminazis, but intellectually crush them with masculist ideas, masculist rhetoric, so they learn they no longer have a monopoly over gender politics. Now that millions of men are going MGTOW and masculist, we men will soon take over gender politics, and crush the misandrist, male dumping, feminazi bitches, who know nothing about masculist ideas, who believe that gender oppression is a one way street, whereas in reality, women oppress men far worse, with their decades lasting, manslaving parasitism. Masculists tell young women, if you want to get a man, you will have to vote with men for the menfairing of the gender laws (or be deprived of our sperm, making you babyless), for the reform of the divorce courts, the legislation of the Parer (paternity rejection right), the establishment of gender equality committees in the parliaments, consisting half of female feminists and half of male masculists so that gender issues of both sexes are treated equally. A few years from now there will be milliions of verbally violent, arguments between biconscious masculists and monoconscious feminists. Monoconscious feminists will be punished by being manless, and biconscious feminists will be more likely to get a boyfriend, since their biconsciousness (i.e. knowing both feminist and masculist ideas) they are far less feminazi bitchy, and more likely to be nice to men, or we masculists bite their fucking heads off, with our superior male intellect, and hugely greater aggression, with our ten times higher testosterone levels in our blood. Masculists dont just answer back to the feminazis, we crush them, with masculist ideas, masculist venom, masculist hatred.

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CatFoodMillionaire 8 months ago

"You look like an elephant from the Zoo" lmao

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