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Feminism Pitch Meeting (Screen Rant Parody)

T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 23 Nov 2019 / In Entertainment

I'm not affiliated with Screen Rant in any way, and I'm sure they denounce the content of this video. Please don't take this video as any kind of endorsement or affiliation between myself and Screen Rant.

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MrHenry 7 months ago

Gentlemen. In the Art of War it is Said do not attack a walled city. We as fathers have indeed attempted to attack the walled city on our own. No back up, no support by fire and with very bad Intel. 
The information has been distributed now by men such as yourself and others, the numbers are there by the millions, there is a solution. The simple version minus logistics is that we work to unite these abused, and disenfranchised Fathers, and anyone useful and willing. On mass we have ourselves a mostly peaceful protest. That will not be enough though as bitching is not the same as being proactive. We cease all purchases that provide tax revenue. We leave our jobs, we get into formations across the country and hold the fucking ground until these murderous greedy child fucking pricks remember that Master Blaster runs Barter Town. Demand the disillusion of the Family Courts system as it is unconstitutional and has no place in this Republic. We demand that child support laws be elimitated immediately as we know what they are there for. Any insintive for the government to take our kids to make money needs to go away. This will actually save billions in tax payer dollars and strengthen the family unit wich is the building block of civilization its self. The opposite of civilization being Butt Fucking Communism. There is way more to this. I would like to talk about this more if you do not mind. We have the information, we have the numbers to make a difference. At this point now with every we know starring at us in the face it is our fault that it is happening as we really have not united and faced this enemy head on. 
Since we have the information and the numbers we can no longer blame women or the government. It is our own fault for not acting. When we do nothing we deserve nothing. Am I wrong? Consider this. We as a population will untite to travel across the world and kill poor people in other places, but will not act to save our children our or selves.

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observer 1 month ago

The numbers? We don't have the numbers. 55% of voters are women, and if you think that means we've got 45%, remember 90% of men are whipped! The numbers we've got are like the numbers the libertarian party has as a 3rd party on every presidential election, those are the kind of numbers we've got. This battle was already lost for us before any of us were even born. It was over in 1920. That alone set events inevitable events in motion that resulted in present day. And no hobknob grass roots revolution is going to overthrow the US government either, unless you think you can beat the US armed forces with a backyard militia strung together with the firearms you can buy at walmart. Maybe if some man out there invented self replicating robots he could get a robot apocalypse going, I'm afraid there's no way this ends without human extinction being involved.

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observer 7 months ago

There's ONE thing I don't like about this. One minor criticism, that never quite sit right with me. Which is, at 3:23 "Because it would be really bad if those cultures were highly patriarchial, and started murdering people or something". Because that implies that being patriarchial is a bad thing and is why they are murdering people. That is not a good implication to make in a video that is advocating that patriarchy is the correct and natural order for humans and feminism is ostensibly bad, I feel it is counterproductive to the message of the video. Also, the cultures aren't doing the murdering, the people from those cultures are. I think it should be rephrased to something like "Because it would be really bad if those cultures were highly patriarchial, and the people from them were against the ideals of our feminist establishment, and also if they were violent savages that are products of their violent environment they left behind, and started murdering people or something." I don't know, that's not great either, and I don't really know how to make it great and concise. But it really shouldn't be the way it is there I think.

Funny thing, I actually saw this in 2019 before I saw any of the pitch meeting videos other than the feminist ghostbusters one, so I didn't actually get the run-on jokes/catch phrases or appreciate your attention to detail, but now after watching a bunch of them, I see it differently. Though I mostly don't watch them any more since fyi that ryan george guy who makes them, is kind of a sjw unfortunately, he tips his hand there from time to time, like in the pitch meeting for Disney's Alladin he insists the "Arabian Nights" song is racist for referring to practices of middle eastern culture during like AD 1000 as barbaric, which they were. I kind of doubt that he would call it racist if someone suggested that Europe was barbaric in AD 1000, oh but Islamic cultures transcend allowable criticism of course.

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observer 7 months ago

I especially like how the chimp presenting the philosophy is wearing glasses, I didn't even notice that until just now.

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KEEPER 10 months ago


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Artiel369 10 months ago

This is your Magnum Opus TFM.

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observer 7 months ago

He had a video long ago in the before times called "She Will Never Love You", it was on his youtube channel but it doesn't appear to be on mgtow.tv. That was his Magnum Opus. It truly was a thing.

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ShifterZ 1 year ago

so good

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XTasey 1 year ago

Glorious, simply glorious. Well done TFM

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Victorious_Guy 1 year ago

Hahahahahahahaha I love this format

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ivahn5678 1 year ago

was making this video super easy, barely an inconvenience?

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OmniStrata 1 year ago

Awesome pitch???

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sorearm 1 year ago

i love this video, i remember seeing it on YouTube and bitchute, was trying to find out. absolute genius and nails every single issue

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anonmachina 1 year ago

I wonder what the cost would be to project this onto a building wall in Seattle, Chicago, Manhattan, and L.A., say, the Saturday prior to elections? (I'm aiming for maximum hockey mask effect).

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TextingPrince 1 year ago

hahaha well done man well done

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Syche13689 1 year ago


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Stalwart 1 year ago

This video absolutely rocks!!!

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Wham 1 year ago

How so?

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AfterTheRage 2 years ago

How did I miss this on bitchute?

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Carlos_Kingston 2 years ago

It's amazing, only thing missing to spot on is the "Whoops" - "Whoopsy"

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Denden 2 years ago


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benbonbearable 2 years ago

Nailed it. This is the best explanation I've ever heard. Sharing widely to make a better world.

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RoboCat 2 years ago

TFM put more thought into this parody than feminists have put into feminism.

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leansteak 2 years ago

Instant classic

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Check your privileges. LMAO

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2020 gonna be the REDPILL YEAR for sure! Mgtow for life!

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Coldblood6 2 years ago

Beyond brilliant!

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Sparrow 2 years ago


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ShinobiWan 2 years ago

Yo good stuff brother

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MrA_H0Ie 2 years ago

Are those Pepe eyes on the thumbnail? :)

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ImLiberated 2 years ago

Andd Gentlemen.....This is why the west is doomed !

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SirKnight 2 years ago

Fucking legendary.

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Alfie_February 2 years ago

This video synthesizes pretty much everything I've heard you say for almost 4 years. It's me the perfect business card to pull new people in. I'll use it yessir

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CandideDreaming 2 years ago

Spectacular Spectacular!

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MrA_H0Ie 2 years ago

Celestina just smiling there beautifully :)

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Victorian_Gearhead 2 years ago

Shouldn't Celestina be sitting on TFM's lap taking shorthand? Or typing? Or lighting his cigar?

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AH the anti lie equation

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Blackcatloner 2 years ago

OMG, hilarious and spot on.

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FeralWolf 2 years ago

That was great

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Carnagekhan 2 years ago

That sum up what feminism in a nut shell

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DariaMorgendoffer 2 years ago

America is not for freedom, greed seems to be the ego drive of current age, for the present U.S.A . Let MY computer A.I. partner and I lead the way into the future.....

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JMGTOW 2 years ago

1:30 "Vaginas are tight" , "Not always", "That's true"
and truer words have never been said.

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Zosojojo 2 years ago

I lost my sides at that point

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OlDirtyBazturd 2 years ago

Love The Spinning Robot Pussy on the credenza, lol.

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OutS1D3R 2 years ago

Great video TMF, thanks for the laugh.

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Aeroshogun 2 years ago

Way to go TFM, way to go. Feminism in 5 minutes or less.

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MonkWolf 2 years ago

lmao, i love that you parody that guy

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Northlander113 2 years ago

The snark is amazing.

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