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Feminism israel is hell

Hizkiahu Tenenbaum ISRAEL
Published on 13 Nov 2021 / In Film & Animation

I am the only male in israel ready to speak against feminism. If you wish to find out more about the truth of what is REALLY going on in israel and all the secrets about jewish women !
come visit my youtube channel guys


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Mgtow_economics 2 months ago

Thanks for the video, 100% Straight Israel... The whole gay thing is very surprising, especially since it is considered by YHWH to be a sin punishable by death. I also think that 'Jewish' women are amongst the most hypergamous women on earth.

In fact, I think that 'Jewish' women are the source of feminism, and the source of divorce laws, and the source of the extractive laws against men. Basically, 'Jewish' women demand your assets, and this philosophy has now spread to all other women, starting in the UK and America, but spreading now throughout the world.

The inverted commas ('Jewish') are because I'm not certain that modern Jews are of the tribe of Judah.

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faggot 2 months ago

they most certainly are not

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ancientredpill 2 months ago

This is not surprising considering almost all the 3rd and 4th wave feminist leaders of the movement were Jewish women,
do not believe me-look it up, in fact the surprise is that it took so long for the chickens to come home to roost so to speak.

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