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Published on 07 Dec 2022 / In People & Blogs

• Feminism is hurting not helping women, studies have shown that women are less happy since the advent of feminism and that depression anxiety and other mental health issues have been on the rise. Women were happier when they didn’t have to fend for themselves and could stay at home and raise a nuclear family.
• Feminism has not created a paradigm of equality, only more sexism than ever before, as well as hatred and a gender war on top of it.
• Equal Rights (People deserve equal rights and freedoms and opportunities, but all people are not created equal and do not deserve equal outcomes at whatever they want to do in life, I can’t go demand to win an Olympic gold medal because I love athletics but I am not built to be an Olympic athlete)
• The lack of fairness in this supposed “equality” where women are getting so much equity that they are marginalizing men and taking all of our jobs.
• Feminism is supposed to be against sexism but it has only turned women into sexists.
• Modern Female Misandry & Emasculation of men, something I’ve talked a lot about already so I’ll just reiterate it here that women have become more sexist than men ever were and are man haters who seek to emasculate men.
• Also as I’ve just gone over, feminism and the gynocentric matriarchy have only enabled women to become violent domestic abusers of both men and women they have lesbian relationships with too.
• Female sex offenders are on the rise as well as feminism has empowerd women sexually to that degree where they are now able to be pedophiles and get away with it too.
• Single mothers are wreaking havoc on the economy by relying on social programs for their welfare and raising unsuccessful men with mental health problems and criminal tendencies
• Feminism has created a matriarchy but the matriarchy is not a meritocracy, so it contains the same political corruption and injustices that they complained about in the patriarchy (something I’m going to go over more in the next video).
• Feminism Is anti-male but the patriarchy was never anti-female, in fact the patriarchy took care of women better than the matriarchy does. Women have more responsibilities now and they are living more independent lives that they aren’t actually happy with and don’t make them feel better, because it goes against their innate social desires and instincts.

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