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Feminism Fuels The Future Part#2

Hold The Truth Hostage
Published on 12 Aug 2020 / In News & Politics

Why Feminism is actually fueling the future of mankind's future

It's a 3 part series by the time it's done it will expose that fem*inism will make women Obsolete, any woman who believe in women more than men is a lost cause. What have women done to better the life of women without the use of what men have accomplished, I will wait oh there it is nothing.

Women don't understand that fem*inism is fueled by weak and men seeking to increase the government role over their most reliable & stable person in a woman's life the man. fem*inismis going to erase the relationship between men in women to the point there will be no healing it in more developed counties only replacing it. With every divorce R*pe, alimony case, child support case, and outright public disrespect of men, they are fueling & calling for their replacement. And I give it 1-5 years especially after 5G is established that the replacement is already in the works.

Women don't understand that men have arrived at a point in the technological invention that it can be done, VR, AR, video games, dolls, and the most effective one of all Streamers, YouTubers, notice what the most successful ones never have sharing screen time with them a woman. More and more boys, men are growing up watching and listening to men without a woman in sight. It's going to subconscious undo all of what fem*inism has done in attempting to brainwash men into having women be their supervisors & living under their supervision.

The end is already here Men Roaming Their Way & much more are to stabilize. I will leave you with something I answered in a letter part, what happens when G*y men can have children by mixing their own genetics instead of having a surrogate woman to have their child it's game over. The best thing is that fem*inist ask for it, I would say just keep your eye on news reports technical advancement by G*y Men. See straight men are to committed to Women to replace them when it comes to breeding, but G*y men they have already committed to not being with women, and they will eventually push for having children without them since they will no longer want the leftover children by straight people. Especially when it can eventually lead to child support from their birth mother. In all honesty, the very G*y men thefem*inist have pushed as the ideal version of a man will be what ends fem*inism in the long run. Because what will become of Feminist when women can no longer hold the ability to give birth over a man's head. They will become obsolete...

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Hold The Truth Hostage

I forgot the word but domestically its not a smart thing to do because knowing how corrupt the goverment is soon surrogates will get child support without a 50/50

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