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Female Pedophiles

Published on 17 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

Female Pedophiles..... Yes the HUGE undercurrent of hidden sexual abuse of children, is mostly by the Mothers of the children, and OTHER women.

⁣Feminism and the Women who DO sexually assault their own and other peoples children.

"A Woman Lies, Until Proven Otherwise"
(You Can Quote Me)

Then we get into the issues of women murdering children,
which is the greatest single cause of infant mortality.

And then we get into murdering the unborn by abortion.

When you kick a woman out, from the front door into the gutter, where she belongs,
Always coat your boots with Vaseline, so she doesn't take one of them with her.

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Pale_Profit 8 days ago

I reckon there are millions of female pedos all over the world, but the Gynocracy keeps them well hidden

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Hammerhead69 19 days ago

Seen it done and warn folks about it all the time and nobody wants to know. Time and again we had female teachers using kids odd when it was same sex abuse the female teacher was less apt to be punished because of gay rights.

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