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Published on 03 Dec 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) - Bride Elizabeth

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Hi Everyone Sandman,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Ron and here's what what Ron and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, Initailly I wanted you to Molecularly breakdown the Movies: A Clockwork Orange circa(1971), Soy-lent Green circa (1973), Altered States circa (1980) and Finally.. A Cure for Wellness circa (2016)...But Man-O-Man..I recently had a "EPIPHANY PHASE". Instead I'm asking you to molecularly breakdown down 3 movies. October is considered the Month of "All Hallows Eve"..and I was thinking this could be a cool Topic to cover...Recently I watched the Bio-pic..MARY SHELLEY circa 2017, MARY SHELLY'S FRANKENSTEIN (Starring Robert Dinero, circa 1994) and "A Cure for Wellness." As usual...after Swallowing and Digesting the Red-Pill a couple of years ago..I can't but help looking at everything thru a Red-Pill Lens. SandMan..my "Main Man".. Could you view these Movies at your earliest convenience analyze and Connect the DOTS to be connected..Like the game CONNECT FOUR? Thank you for all you do Sir! Well Ron thanks for the donation and topic. As I discussed with you I'll first discuss parts of the 1994 film Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and then cover the recent Mary Shelley documentary and talk about her life. But before I do let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW's Guide To Retiring on 200K in southeast Asia: Anyways, now back to the video. From what I understand of the basic story of Dr. Victor Frankenstein designs a way to reanimate the dead. In the 1994 he promises the monster he creates that he will create a companion for him. But Victor gets lazy and doesn't create her so the monster tears out the heart of his lover Elizabeth and then Victor brings her back to life. But she's deformed after her body falls and shatters a glass bowl. She starts to remember who she is and the monster and her lover Victor both want her for themselves. In the end, in the scene I put in the description Elizabeth realizes that she's dead and that she was reanimated after the monster tore out her heart that she kills herself by setting herself on fire. It's supposed to be a sad and scary scene but I couldn't help but laugh. We all know by now that surely women can't live without attention. Are we really to believe a woman that's being swooned over by two male figures will just decide to burn herself to death a second time. Are we really to believe that female nature doesn't survive when you turn a woman into the Bride of Frankenstein? Maybe Tim Burton fell in love with Helena Bonham Carter playing Elizabeth when he saw her in the monster makeup. Another sad thing about this film is that Frankenstein's reanimated monster is lonely and wants a hot pair of hooters so I guess that even when you're dead you can't go your own way? I guess that Elizabeth see's that she's ugly so she kills herself even though there's a man and a monster right there fighting to get instead her roast beef corpse curtains. I hope that Victor didn't have them sown shut so that she wouldn't be an undead slut? This scene doesn't get female nature correct and it's not even in the original book by Mary Shelley from what I hear. I think that we are supposed to think about the cost of immortality? But women are addicted to drama. There she is, Elizabeth the Bride of Frankenstein watching two men ready to fight for her affection and she's ugly as a skunk and barely slurring her words like she's drunk and you're supposed to believe that she wants to end it all. I thought to myself who the hell is responsible for writing this monster of a script.

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BIGLOAD 2 months ago

Hey - It's Schandman.

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MGTOWdotCASH 2 months ago

She spread like the Covid. https://youtu.be/EQOXfRKiGog

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ancientsea 2 months ago

Stu and I were born in the early 1950's. Stus mother was educated in a pres•tig•i•ous New England girls school, but, she really raised Stu well. By the time Stu was 18, he, Stu, absolutely know two rea facts of life....both appropriate today. Stu understood that girls are 'out for' the BEST they can get, anf Stu's mom always reminded us that girls only want money. Stu ended up a CUCK for a rich girl. I still think of his mother, Betsy, and admire her best efforts to protect and enlighten Stu.

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ElHombreporsuCuenta 2 months ago

The image that this video begins with reminded me a lot of the Silent Hill nurses ...

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Why did you stop advertising this site?

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