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Female Ex Prisoner Explains Why Women in Prison Aren’t Loyal | Favorable Options

Published on 16 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

Female Ex Prisoner Explains Why Women in Prison Aren’t Loyal. This video is from @FreshOutSeries Our videos are made for educational purposes. This

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I have had a little bit to do with women in prison.

Most of them fall into these categories.

1. They are scammers.
2. They are mentally ill.
3 They are scumbag junkies.

And they are plauges in their own right.
It's female nature off the leash.

Just avoid them like the plague.

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

Was it all a lie? All along? Maybe... I mean Eve showed up when Adam was in a depression over loosing Lilith because he exerted his authority and would not let her be on top during sex... in his defense he walked with God (of Israel, ie Truth) so Reverse Cowgirl he could not think of since no ass or horses to ride on... Eve though... that is the question. I believe Lilith did love him, but he broke her heart. She was obedient-- she did not eat the apple instructed not to eat, she likely fucked everything Adam wanted-- I mean God did say go forth and multiply... So, Adam said no. I wonder if God instructed him not to let Lilith be on top? When I was in Catholic uhm elementary and middle school, we were told Eve tricked Adam into eating the apple after she did... My dad in his generation thought the "apple" popping Eve's cherry... so why is he wrong? Forbidden books of the canonized Bible... you see as explained in Dan Brown's The DA Vince Code, in the 300s AD the Roman Catholic Church as the Roman emperor Constantine preferred the dioces because it broke down into units like his legions, he understood that. They the Council of Nicene bishops decided Christ could not be human but divine. This is where we divide, the Roman Catholic Church and myself (and smarter others too.) To be Human is to be divine-- We are made in the image of God, my Four Truths video goes into why, but we can be divine when we keep our house, ie our temple -- our mind and body in God's "order." Then, He cometh and goeth as He pleases as the Holy Spirit: This is how He talketh through the prophets. When He cometh into us, we become Divine. This is why we are "gods," though I think it would be better said not as "gods," but as divine or holy instruments of God of Israel... This verse "Ye know not who ye are: ye are gods" have led multitudes astray and Satanists are quick to seduce you with it!

So, I often talk about God of Israel and His wife the Tree of Life Ashereh, but not the Canaanite witch goddess Ashtorath-- also Canaanites are who the Greeks and Romans and thus our modern day historians call Phoenicians. The Ashereh poles, basically like totem poles were adapted by Ashtorath witch followers likely after Ashereh was dethroned as God's (of Israel) wife by later rich, aristocratic Jews... you know the type who created Communusm in Russia... talk about the long game!?

Well, before Moses led the Israelites and the PreGreeks out of Egypt (some of them are the Homeric Dannites who were also Tribe of Dan goldsmiths) they brought the Mycenaeans to power after the Minoans, who I can say confidently were the Atlantean outposts along with Athrotiri on Santorini and whatever city blew up during its eruption, which caused the Ten Plagues and The Exodus out of Egypt including the Parting of the Red Sea, the Quatirb branch? (Sorry misspelked that It's not on most ancient maps but it birders Israel as the Bible said it does.) While in Egypt, two hundred years or four hundred years? I believe it was two hundred years prior to Exodus the Jews "Seminites" entered Egypt literally carved and painted on stone temple walls, but of course it supports the Bible, the Jewish Torah so Islamic overlords in Egypt keep it restricted access only. Well, they also carved Ashereh onto their stone walls alongv we with our alphabet, which lines the Israelites exit out of Egypt and the Sinniai Pensula: Not the largely breasted woman with a tree growing out of her womb/pussy image but a "public" version more suitable for kids to see a triangle representing her vag with a tree coming out of it: and there's more, The AlphaBet of Ben Suri, which has the story of Adam and Lilith was also recovered from Egypt... Just saying. Follow the evidence, especially when preserved in archeology...

Sorry, I just woke up an hour or so ago with this on my mind...

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Heavyhand 3 months ago

From what document are you basing Lilith on? I’ve only seen her mentioned in the apocrypha books.

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

@Heavyhand: The AlphaBet of Ben Suri I believed.. it was recovered from Egyptian and I had in the past confused Ben Suri with the Egyptian temple that the Israelites were listed as Amoa Israel or Habiru (Hebrew in Egyptian tongue...) that temple is in Exodus Decoded by Cameron snd Jacobovich. The AlphaBet J read online after a YouTube mentioned it from a university's online archives.

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

I am trying to get a printed copy of it, another book about the royal bloodlines where a historuan researched them all and found that God mentioned those bloodline originators in ghe

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

Originators in the Bible and published it, two Sumerian texts that an Egyptianologists used to find the Garden I f Eden (to verify his stated words myself), and two books on Atlantis-- sadly, my library or the university libraries don't carry those books, for a reason I wager...

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snake_charmers_jj 3 months ago

Yep. Prison is a microcosm but women are 100 percent the same in every environment. Be careful boys

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