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Fefail passes out in middle of highway

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Published on 09 Jun 2021 / In Film & Animation

Another Drunk Hoe, Highway and a Car putting lives at risk.

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Redpill Mgtow Portugal Wolf

Fucking simps. The roof is on fire! Let these motherfuckers burn!

This is the future of all women taking drugs because they're lonely and want to kill themselves while asleep

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mrghoster 11 days ago

I'm OK with at, but to try and take MEN with the CUNT by stopping in the middle of a Highway? Show'd the fefail selfishness in all it's patheticness?

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 10 days ago

@mrghoster: Standard entitlement and lack of awareness problems. They just expect the whole world to accommodate them. Lots of disappointment ahead, for them.

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Generationless 12 days ago

Toss that ditch pig in the ditch where she belongs.

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mrghoster 12 days ago

See even DUCK's now have more rights and are more important than us especially us DRAKE's (MEN)! Fefails would rather save an animal or Creature other than a Human because fefails ARE animal's? They certainly are not human anymore as I see it?

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Jesus fuck...... I once accidentally fumbled and dropped my wallet from an overpass, into the middle of a traffic island, with trees and grass and all, in the middle of a 4 or 5 lanes each way freeway. And it was early peak hour afternoon traffic.... and I had to do a human version of playing "Frogger", between the small gaps in the traffic, from one white line to the next, to get across the lanes to the traffic island to get my wallet, and then get back. AND once people get into "Freeway Mode" they just don't slow down.... And I was hoping like all fuck that no one decided to change lanes from behind a truck or were driving while intoxicated / medicated or stoned... Or didn't have their driving glasses on...

Very disconcerting - when they are all passing me at 60 miles an hour - 2 feet behind me or 2 feet in front of me....

"Ooo gap in the traffic - to the next white line".

It gives you a real appreciation for DANGER.... There is very little room for error and any error, if it does not kill you outright, the cars or trucks coming behind them will kill you.


And this chick passing out on the freeway like that - THAT is just asking to be REAR ENDED at 60 or 70 miles an hour....

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She should be fucking clubbed for that.... It's SO dangerous AND it's also a total danger to the lives of other innocent people.

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SOLID MGTOW MONK 12 days ago

The headlines will read: Cops harass innocent female with their poison masculinity while she was trying to rest on the freeway.

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awol201 13 days ago

Just another day in clown world, fefails have their rights .

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Hammerhead69 13 days ago

Bet she complains about the CHPs and it wasn't her fault.

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