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Feeding The Fatness | Live From The Lair


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Published on 26 Oct 2023 / In Comedy

Having a couple extra pounds is fine...a couple extra couple hundred pounds? Not so much. Come hang with us as we chew the fat at 8 PM EDT!

#Popp4 #Fatties #CushionForThePushin

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DutchCobbler 1 month ago

Shaggy and me are about in the same weight class, but I manage to be about 10lbs bigger and an inch shorter. Tried weight gainer, eating like a beast, and lifting, and while I got strong I didn't gain any mass beyond water, which I lost once off the gainer. I look fit but not much changed, which pissed me off because I worked at it for 5 years and had a hard af routine (now I lift casually). I don't know what I could have changed, might be permanently slim like a 50s kid after measles.

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SumDumGui 1 month ago

good night everyone

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 1 month ago

Good Night

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DooM_Dude 1 month ago


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bubu 1 month ago

have a nice day/night

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