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Published on 07 Jan 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism


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Go your own way guys

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SOLID MGTOW MONK 13 days ago

And the next thing we know, she'll be on the Ellen Degenerate show labeling him and all men deadbeat dads that never show up or do anything for their children. The best example in the world why men should leave the tainted west.

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hacuna 13 days ago

That is really cruel. Dad is just trying to drop off some Christmas gifts for their kids on Christmas day, but mama is not having it.
Cruel to the kids and cruel to the man. He's trying.

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mrghoster 13 days ago

I wasn't allowed to see my kid at Christmas, but I made sure when I was collecting her for weekends (that the courts allowed me), that she had 2 Christmases, because I decked out the place a month early and we had a Christmas party with a couple of her friends round as well. All to no avail though come 14 years old and her mother poisoned her against me some way? So I don't see her anymore, she is 35 this year and I have a grand daughter I've never seen who is now a teen. I have one picture I got of FB of her when she was 6, that's all I have.

So remember this you guy's, a women will fuck your life forever even when you don't have to be near the CUNT. Be MGTOW, go your own way and thrive forget all else. after all what fool would want to create a child in today's world? a child is just another "Meal Ticket" for a women.

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Hard_hairy_big_pack 13 days ago

Don't risk losing your freedom and children because you think you found the ''right'' woman. 50% of the men who got divorced all thought the same.

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hacuna 13 days ago

Don't you mean >50% of the men that got MARRIED and ended up divorced all thought the same thing?

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Necatoramericanus 13 days ago

I bet she tells the kids all kinds of crap about him. They might think daddy is a serial rapist or smth

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Wolf178 13 days ago

Christmas 2018, I texted my egg doner told call me so I can wish my boys a merry Christmas. She sent me back a text saying no I don't want them to have a Christmas with you, then sent me pics of them opening presents. What I did wrong was refuse to be her punching bag. I knew she was going to continue to use them against me because I told her I would fight for them but she started bouncing between states and my own family had no interest in helping me fight for custody, only visitation and she would be gone before the court date. I decided I would have to take the route that would be best for my health( had ended up in the hospital due to stress related health issues) I ghosted her and told everyone one else that I don't care if they hate me when they are grown, at least they will have me instead of me being in a early grave. I don't understand why I have to be some messiah.

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AmanleyLoad 13 days ago


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