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Father Crashes Son Wedding When He Is About To Marry A Onlyfans Model

Published on 14 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

Slap his idiot sons head and kick the whore in the cunt, and drag the son out.... and give him another kicking for good measure.

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5 minutes of Jerry Springer, every 5 years is great... The Best Of etc.

The trouble is this mental shit goes on a REAL lot., and it's all around us.....

I think this is OK as a small and regular reminder, but it's sort of much better to focus on GOOD HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS starting with yourself AND then others.

Not all women are HORRIBLE basket cases with heads full of feminist shit.

Not all women are USELESS CUNTS, with nothing but a cunt.

April Wilkerson https://www.youtube.com/c/AprilWilkerson/videos

Ashley Harwood https://www.youtube.com/c/AshleyHarwood/videos

And most of all - Barbie the Welder. She is a man hating, professional victim, lesbian feminist cunt, heaping shit on men and playing the fucking victim - BUT there are a lot of things about her that I do like, that I do appreciate and that I am thankful for. However being a terminal fucking idiot, about the wrong issues, at the wrong times, is not one of them. The lessons she does provide about getting your business off the ground ARE worthy of consideration.


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sauger1001 19 days ago

Another classic video, with a waahman presiding over this "ceremony"? That makes this "wedding" bogus right off the bat. Spoiler alert: I don't believe the wedding ever concluded (she didn't get to marry a BETA cuck), but I could be wrong.

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SPECTRE 2 months ago

the dad tried. the son made a decision. not much else a parent can do. he could disavowal his sone after that but that's about it. what i don't like is seeing the sea of white knights coming to save the hoe. nothing worse than a person making other people's business their own.

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Generationless 2 months ago

That arm tat should be enough. And to display it at the wedding?? Jesus!

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Maxxx 2 months ago

Typical simp son easily & immediately resorting to violence in typical simp behavior.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

Dad has to Dad it's called parenting . She's a tatted up whore and only a fool wants that.

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Stinky_Hillbilly 2 months ago

Exactly! The father is doing exactly what he should do! Including knock his son out and carry him out of there. The son will thank him later.

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