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Fat Bitches

Published on 08 Mar 2023 / In Film & Animation


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wroger_wroger 18 days ago

Yeah the proper way to have dealt with the issue - well lets assume that Shane likes the really fucking fat and ugly women - then he has every right to post the pictures of the women he likes, just as they have every right to post the pictures of the women they like.... Point One. Point two is while Terry and Blake talk about freedom of expression / freedom of speech, the dick pulling idiots in their audience are posting hundreds of pictures of mostly naked attractive women.... but when someone posts a dozen or so pictures of really fucking gross fat women - the approval seeking arse lickers in the audience lose their fucking minds.... they start screaming "How Do I Block him?" and then they set about blocking him, and then Blake blocks him from not only posting on the channel, but blocks him from seeing any of the content on the channel...... "Freedom of speech - second Amendments" - Blake didn't have the balls to tell all the whiners "If he likes to post pictures of grossly obese fucking ugly women - well he can, just like you like to post pictures of skinny attractive women... - If you don't knock off your fucking complaining - I will just block you (the 100 or so screaming circle jerkers) - but he didn't. Blake made a public comment a week or two back about his problems with lust...... AND it's OK to fancy women... but having a never ending stream of "girlie pics" in the chat - and no discussion of the topics at hand - like there is something wrong with that. I have also noticed that Terrence and Blake have a habit of stealing unique content from other site users and then act as if the stolen content, are their own ideas... So we have "Free Speech for Me but not for Thee', we have sex addict crap, and we have stealing ideas without attribution or thanks... AND their fan base are fucking wankers.....

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@wroger_wroger: And NONE of them will ever admit they were WRONG and then a) unblock me and b) own their own shit..... IF your publically going in on the temper tantrum attack, and your not publically appologising / owning your own shit / making amends - then your a worse cunt today, than you were yesterday.

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