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Fat Ass Skateboarding

Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr
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Published on 31 Jul 2020 / In Entertainment

⁣Big claimer this is to laugh at girls skating. If you're not being misogynistic then what are you doing?
Songs from Karly Moreno spilled my liquor
Spidergang(⁣ ⁣Christ Dillinger fl.vco, Suicide Rascal, Samsvng Bling, Wendigo, J Trauma)
Hope you enjoy!

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Ubuntu Mate
Ubuntu Mate 10 days ago

Querem se apoderar de tudo!

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AvatarOfSgrA* ShaperOfThings

Women don't do sports as well as male athletes. They don't even do sports as good as teen male athletes. Women need to stick to sports people will ACTUALLY show up to watch. Volleyball, tennis, and any other sport they can do while showing off their feminine attributes.

I likes me some volleyball girl booty. (¬‿¬)

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