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Falling For Fall

Published on 01 Nov 2022 / In Comedy

⁣#shorts #fall
Comedy for men. Pure parody and satire. All just for fun.

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I have no idea where the spinning chick came from, but the "ARRRGGGGHHHH" chick - I can't remember where she is from but I remember her BUT the truck, that was out of the Mad Max Movie, where "The Night Rider" comes over a rise, with Mad Max up his arse in the (fake) supercharged police Interceptor, looking over his shoulder and then he looks forwards again and "Oh Noes - Truck" then he slams into that on his Kawasaki Z900 and then over the bike and the body the truck goes....

Mindful of the special effects, like simply speeding up the film to recreate the speed elements, and the bike on impact was a standing prop, with a dummy on it, on the centre stand, and the truck was really doing this at 30 Kmh - and not 100 Kmh...

I think there might be a bit of a walk on cameo by someone in this - Billy - you have nice legs for a dress.

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Leader_Desslok 3 months ago

I hope that nice 18 wheeler was not damaged in the production of this video !

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Awww she was nice and now she is deaded 100 and 1 times.

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