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Fake "Alpha Male" Tries & FAILS To Intimidate Man

Published on 21 May 2024 / In Entertainment
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CircuitDoc1 26 days ago

The bald guy in white needs to focus on improving his attitude. Take care of yourself and stop telling others how to run their life - basically he's a male Karen.

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SteveOUK 25 days ago

Good money says the guy doesn't know what he's talking about and is just throwing out harsh-sounding terms and talking points, pretending to be Tate.

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SteveOUK 26 days ago

"Excel in every area"
That's called an Apex Fallacy.

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sardonicsmile 27 days ago

This whole thing is a waste of time.

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Mr_Sluggo 27 days ago

A man can leave the prison, but the prison can never leave the man.

Jail Bird is mad because he most likely got his shit pushed in and liked it.
The macho act is a smoke screen to hide his gay tendencies.

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