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Exploring The Consequences of Guys Leaving Dating Behind (Breakdown) Hypothesis

Casual Bachelor
Casual Bachelor
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Published on 18 May 2022 / In Entertainment

Discord Channel Link: https://discord.gg/VQJB8pEN

How to Spot: #Analysis #Reaction #React
How are things looking out there is your part of the world going forward?

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Duugus 1 month ago

I love the desperation in this woman's voice. We win!

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Menwalkaway 1 month ago

chameleon wonders why Men walk away ...


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Drums_McBashington 1 month ago

Future is female, mgtow are helping it be your present. Why wait?

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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Alpha Male Lifestyle 1 month ago

Lol another chameleon plenty of them coming in because life is getting hard for them especially post wall chicks like this 304

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HairlessMonkey 1 month ago

I won't ride an elevator if there's females in the car, I wave her/them on. And there were evenings I wouldn't even open the door to answer a knock. And they get mad because I'll only talk through the door. When they knock asking for change I say I'm all out, when they ask to borrow a cup of sugar, coffee, milk an onion, or whatever, I charge $$ them for it. They created this problem and until it gets fixed, if it can be fixed, I tell guys to do a Monty Python and Run Away, Run Away!

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