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Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King Cover


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Published on 01 Apr 2023 / In Film & Animation

Hey everyone! Here’s my cover of Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King! I hope you enjoy!

@mellebabymusic on all platforms!

Please note: there are a lot of fake accounts popping up. This is my only youtube channel! Thanks :)

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Never_Again 8 months ago

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Don't wait Young Lady, grab a decent Young Man that likes Your ass, & You enjoy and DO IT. The Hell with Bull-Shit Lost to Materialism & Stupid Ass Selfishness. Be Married & Have Many Babies & Do Not Allow These So-Called Modern Women Let Alone So-Called Men Ever Fuck Your Man / Wife / Babies Relationship Up In Any Fashion What So Ever. Never.

Fuck These Stupid Ass Self Defeated Losers. God, Our Creator Provided Us All a Great Opportunity To Have & Hold One Another Through Thick & Thin Of This Wacko Bull Shit World Of Fools. Do It. Have Fun, & a Great Day, Darryl Gene; family Harcourt :)

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